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Poetry Magnum Opus
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    • March 21, 2019

      March twenty-first
      is World Poetry Day!
      What would this world be
      without the beauty
      of words artfully
      placed upon a page for someone to read,
      exploring, condensing a poet's soul?

      March twenty-first
      also heralds in Spring!
      Applaud the vibrant
      colors of new life,
      sweet reverdie's pledge
      to paint images in vivid phrases.
      Pen the season's display upon a scroll.
                            ~~Judi Van Gorder
                                  Verse Form: Duodora

    • Although you may think you have nothing to say,
      you always have words that with which you can play
      so pull out your pen
      go into your zen
      and scribble some lines for St. Paddy's Day.

                                    ~~Judi Van Gorder


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