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This is a club where members can discuss site matters. Reveal what matters to you: needs, new requests, changes, hopes, visions, how-to, etc. No inhibitions!

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  2. Oh, and I just noticed that I'm the "owner" of this club. 🤴 I didn't choose the title, the software did. I guess if you start a club, the software will declare you the club's owner. 💪
  3. Yes, the demise of any member would have to be confirmed by whoever wants to memorialize him. And no obituaries/death notices in advance as media outlets have let leak on more than one occasion to their great embarrassment. Happened recently with a Supreme Court judge and not too long before that with a musician who was hospitalized and reported dead when he didn't actually die until a short time later!!!
  4. I think the Clubs can work well for specialized uses. For example, I made this club where we can talk about the site, about site matters. It's visible right now to all, but that's only because I'm hoping Members will discover the Clubs feature. If/when they do, and if/when they join and get involved in the discussions, I'll make this Club hidden from guests. There's really no need for non-members to see this. I can think of other uses. For example, some members could decide they want to collaborate. A collaborations club might serve well as a place where members can do that. A club can function as a more intimate venue, a forum within the forum, where members do their own thing. I agree, PMO is much more than a showcase, especially with its unmatched Reference Section. It's also about community, the interaction. When I said primarily a showcase, I meant in comparison to other sites that might be set up to be workshops. Those sites are not showcases, and their members are told to post finished poems elsewhere.
  5. I think this a great idea but the problem is we often don't know if an absent member has passed or just stopped writing or simply moved on to a different site. We know for sure we have lost Frank and Victor. I suspect we have also lost Ike aka waxwings. But others I can only speculate. I would hate to write a memorial and then have them show up healthy writing else where. Well I would be very happy to find they are OK and hopefully still writing but the memorial would be a little embarrassing. ~~Tink
  6. OK, first I just learned you have to "join the club" to be able to respond here. So I joined. Although we are such a small band of poets here, I'm unsure if we really need clubs. I have a huge investment of time and energy here at PMO. I think of this forum as much more than a Showcase. I think of it as a place to share, learn and grow as a writer. I don't always write serious stuff. I like word play and having fun with words as well as taking on more serious themes. Sometimes I feel like what I post is frivolous compared to the other works shared. But I'm no less serious about the craft of writing, maybe more serious about the craft of writing than some others, even though my content may seem light. I enjoy experimenting with words and form. I think "the playground" is kind of hidden and rarely does anyone visit there but me and one or two others on occasion. There are ideas there. Prompts and challenges. A place to test yourself without taking yourself so seriously and simply enjoy the art of writing. I'd love to see more activity there. Maybe I should be saving this for a blog.... ~~Tink
  7. I set PMO up as a place where members can exhibit their poetry and discuss each others' works. There is a small, not very popular workshop, but the site is primarily a showcase. There are several dedicated workshops on the net which stress that their sites are workshops (not showcases) where members can seek critical input on unfinished works, but I am not in the market for that. For me, PMO is an interactive showcase -- the only place -- where I "publish" i.e exhibit my work. While I always welcome and appreciate critical input and/or any input from my fellow members, I consider most of my posted poems to be substantially finished. Recognizing that The University Press(TM) isn't about to publish my poems any time soon and that life is short, I've concluded that self-publishing and "marketing" my literary works on PMO is a rewarding path for me. I'm excited to showcase my poems and to get thoughtful replies from my fellow members whose work I also admire. My vision for PMO is that the site may serve as a vehicle for me and other members who so desire to promote their work and promote themselves as artists. That's why I created the Member Archive forum, so that members may have a topic which contains their own carefully curated index of links to their works on the site. That way if a member wants to share his works with someone (with anyone) he can simply pass along to the interested party the one link to his Member Archive topic which would contain links to works of his own choosing. I recognize and understand that not everyone will share the same vision I have. Each member may have his own reason(s) for participating on PMO and is welcome to do so (in accordance with the rules, of course). What's your vision? Is there something you need that would help you realize your own goals? Let me know.
  8. This feature has been available for a while, and I have been tempted to activate it on occasion. Essentially, reactions would be available at the bottom of each post and look something like this: You click the one you choose, if you so desire. The reactions accumulate at the bottom of the respective posts in a collapsed form, and you can click on the icon(s) to see who reacted how. It's somehow tied in with a "reputation" feature, but I don't think I have to enable that. In any case, it's no big deal. I usually vote first whenever I create a poll, but I still don't know how I feel about this one. Personally, I'm leaning towards "no." I've always seen PMO as a serious writing forum, and it would seem that participants should be encouraged to write, not just click "like." On the other hand, participants who are inclined to write will probably continue to do so anyway, and perhaps those who are lazier would be inclined to participate more if given this commonplace feature. I'm not sure what I'll do about activating this feature. No matter what, I want this site to remain elegant and professional. If I decide to activate this and determine in the future that this feature degrades the site, I'll deactivate it. I'm looking for member input in the form of votes and/or comments.
  9. The Report button is there in case you need help with a particular topic or post. It's not just there to report spam or something else negative. If you need help with something, use the Report button to let me know which topic/reply you need help with. A screen will open in which you can provide details as to the nature of the problem or what you want done (ex. delete duplicate topic, move topic to different forum, etc.).
  10. How do you navigate the site? It's entirely possible that some (even many) members simply bookmark one forum (e.g. Member Poetry) and use only the bookmark to check in. That's fine if that's all a member wants to do, but I'm afraid members might miss out on opportunities that may be available elsewhere on the site if that's the extent of their visits. One thing you may have noticed is the "Menu Bar." That's the bar near the top of the site where you navigate to different areas. Of course, on PMO, the forums are most popular and active, but there are other areas of the site where activity can take place, and participation in those areas might also suit members' needs. Here's the Menu Bar: I do rearrange the Menu Bar from time to time, but essentially it's where you can navigate to various areas of the site. 1. The Forums: self-explanatory. That's where you post your poems and discuss your works and the works of others. 2. Clubs -- that's where this "Club" for members is located, and where you can start a club of you own if you need one. 3. "Our Picks" is a new feature I recently activated. It allows me to promote content from anywhere in the forums that might deserve special attention. 4. Blogs is where there are already some Blogs. There's a blog for @Tinker, a PMO "General Discussion Blog," and a Blog for Members to Promote their works published elsewhere. 5. Online Users is where you can see a list of online users and what they're up to in the moment. Perfect for stalking your favorite PMO characters. 6. "The PMO Front Page" is a place where I hope to feature more quality content if when I get more active. Read and comment. 7. The "Activity" tab -- the one at the beginning of the Menu Bar is a terrific feature I use all the time. Click on it to see a list of the most recent activity on the site. You can filter views to see your content, unread content, etc. Get to know the layout of the site. When you do, you'll probably be able to think of ways to make the site more beneficial to you. Tony
  11. We have a few members who have passed on. If you think we need an "In Memoriam" forum and would like to curate it, let me know. I, myself, have too much to do and can't be involved with that, but if you would like to see such a forum featured, step up! It should be rich in content, perhaps featuring the member, his picture, and some of his works. Of course, the passing of the member should be confirmed and the commemorative topic(s) should be dignified.
  12. "Footnotes" Topic There is now a topic available in the Member Archive forum that members may use for footnotes to their poems. For example, if you post a poem and would like to include footnotes but would rather have them appear on a separate "page," follow the instructions in this topic: Post Footnotes to your poems as a reply to this thread. Thanks, @Tinker for the topic and the detailed instructions on how to use the topic to make a link to a poem's footnotes.
  13. Here is how to upload a picture into your topic. 1. Click on the paper "choose file link" at the bottom of the editor box: 2. In the dialog box that appears, navigate to the file (the picture stored on your computer) that you would like to upload to the forum and select it. 3. Once you have selected the file, a thumbnail of the image will appear at the bottom of the editor box. Place your cursor in the editor box where you would like the image to appear and click the small plus at the bottom right corner of the thumbnail. This will post the image in your post: That's it. The other way would be to have me help you with it.
  14. Are you tired of your display name? Prefer to be called ShakesPEAR instead of PiNkPoEt? If so, you can change it in your Account Settings options.
  15. Not that I see any immediate or pressing need for clubs -- the site is that small -- but nevertheless I've activated the Clubs module for the site. A Club is like a "forum within the forum" that can be closed/private or open/public whichever way one sets it up. With PMO being a micro forum, we certainly don't need any Balkanization, but a Club may be ideal for something a member has in mind. If you go ahead and start a club, yes, it will have to be approved, but if it makes sense ... I want to make use of features that can benefit our online community. I might even start a club myself: a club where members (only) can share ideas and their wishes/vision for the site. Yes, the same thing could be accomplished with a members only topic, but a club might have more long-term use and appeal than just another pinned topic.
  16. I'll rearrange the menu so that Activity is first, followed by Forums, Blogs, Clubs, The PMO Front Page, and Homepage.
  17. Are you using the Activity stream? If you click on the activity tab in the Menu, you should be able to see recent activity on the board, including activity in the blogs:
  18. Not that it's an incredibly popular forum, but I made The Workshop a members only forum. This means only logged in PMO members can see/read the topics. I figure we don't need search engines/spiders and others crawling those topics and stealing our rough, yet-to-be published ideas.
  19. Re: "Clubs" This forum software is rich with possibilities. On of them I'm starting to learn about is a new feature I could enable called "Clubs." Clubs function like communities within the community. Though our PMO community is small, a need for a club (or clubs) could arise. There can be public/open clubs or closed/private clubs. If anyone can think of a need or use for a club, let me know.
  20. I just tried setting the editor's Return key behavior from "Start new paragraph" to "Go to next line," but it seemed to make a mess out of existing posts, so I quickly changed it back. I'll keep it the same. The way it is set now, when you hit return it starts a new paragraph, kind of like a double space. I'm not sure if everyone knows this, but when you're posting a poem, and you want to post the next line, just hold down the Shift key when hitting Return (on my keyboard it's "Enter"). For example, if you don't want this: This is L1 of my poem [hit Return] This is L2 -- looks like a double space -- and would rather have this: This is L1 of my poem [hold shift & hit return] Here's the next line -- it only skipped one line -- that's how you do it.
  21. If there was I "like" button, I would click it on your reply.
  22. Bye the way I kind of like the middle one. I think I will use it for a while and see how it feels. Thanks. ~~Tink
  23. LOL, so would I , so would I ... And pretty soon there would be no written replies, because we would all just be clicking "like" It's easier! I'm working on enabling some "feature colors" right now to apply to certain popular forums like the Member Poetry forums to help them stand out when you don't filter views and are looking at all the the topics in Fluid View (the third one on the right - the one that renders the list).
  24. I'm with you with the no sparkling unicorns. All of that graphic stuff is distracting. And You are right on the "Like" button but I still would like to use it if was here. ~~smile~~. ~~Tink
  25. Every now and then I'll learn about a forum software feature I didn't know existed. I like to give members quality options whenever I can, so if I discover and enable/activate a feature, I'll update this topic. Here's a new one you might like: Circled in red are some forum view option controls. Selecting any of the three will present a different way the forums will display. The first option (selected in black on this picture) will display the forums in the traditional index table view. The middle option will render forums as cards in a grid. The third option will render a simpler dynamic listing with a forum filter box. That's the one I might try. It's almost like a "new topics" listing with the option to filter out the forums you're not interested in and display only the ones you are interested in. You should try these, too, to see if there's one you would prefer. I also have the option to set any of these views as the default view, but I'll keep the traditional look as the default view because it's probably the easiest one for new members and visitors when they try to find things as they get used to the site. I'm open to reasonable suggestions, so if there's a feature you're interested in you can mention it here. There are certain things I already know I don't want. For example, I don't see the need for a "like" button. This is a writing site, so if someone sees something he likes, it would make sense to write something and not just click "like." Also, as you're probably aware, signatures are generally okay, but I prefer not to have distractions like large/shiny/blinking unicorns, rainbows, fairy princesses, etc. included in people's signatures in topics all over the board. I'm mentioning this only in case we get an influx of new members who might be accustomed to features like this available on other sites. Same goes for pink, oversized fonts and the like. There are some options in the editor to control/adjust fonts in your topics, and by all means, I encourage members to use these options when there's a need, when specific typography will somehow benefit their poems, but oversized, tiny, bold, pink, or otherwise hard to read fonts in topics and replies are generally discouraged. Let's keep the quality high as it has been and is. Gimmicks like colorful fonts don't improve the quality of poems and detract from a serious writing site. As another example, I don't see the need to enable the rating of topics and/or answers. If anyone needs something special let me know. If you want to get really active and regularly update a blog of your own, I'll enable one for you so long as it makes sense to do so. I can also make specific forums to suit specific needs. For example, check out the Prose and Longer Poetic Works forum. There's a longer poetic work in a forum of its own there already that I created to suit the particular need for it. If you need something like that run it by me, and if it makes sense I'll try to make it happen.
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