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  2. eclipse


    reflections-leaves on the branches of the mind,clock hands catch glass leaves, seasons balance on each others shoulders. The wind is like a tattooists needle shaping clouds. The wind dances with it's stiff partner the rain. Words fall on the ears of those newly born. A needle trying to pass through it's own eye, to surmise who will catch the fruit from the tree when it is fully grown.
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  4. badger11

    Basket of Potatoes

    Like that opening Tink. Makes me want to write about potatoes!
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  6. Tinker

    Basket of Potatoes

    Van Gogh's Basket of PotatoesA woven basket, well wornand filled to overflowingwith potatoes freshly dug from dark dirt,hung somberlyon the gallery wall. My finger tipscake with dust.The grit of the earthpricks my noseand smudges my soul.Amongst brilliantpaintings of windmillsand sunflowersthis subdued, simplicity,pared to its base,guides my brush. ~~Judi Van Gorder Vincent Van Gogh's Basket of Potatoes
  7. badger11

    Nine Muses Poetry

    I have three poems appearing here: https://ninemusespoetry.com/2018/05/21/three-poems-by-phil-wood/ all the best Phil
  8. Royal Wedding The Royals did it right on Saturday, they pulled out all the stops and threw a bash Romance was joyfully on display, two lovers wed in grace and true panache with future plans to serve a global cache. A modern couple's passions on view, infusing staid traditions, old with new. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  9. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for May 19 : In celebration of the Royal Wedding tomorrow, write a poem in the Romance genre.
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  11. Terry L shuff

    The Quest

    Thank you Tinker,Poets of the past . I often wonder how many times they hoped their poems would be remembered and understood and were appreciated. Oh i just can't think straight tonight. confused and making mistakes. later tink
  12. Tinker

    The Quest

    A poet speaks from the grave, Nice. I especially like, "Our hearts gave out defiantly." ~~Tink
  13. YarnSpinner

    A day in the life of a boy

    A Day in the Life of a Boy; fictional or non-fictional reading, It is well written. I choose the term epic, for this reads like a sad, open diary of a young person’s unfortunate life. A life that is established strictly by survival instinct.This child has not been privy to awakening from a clean, warm bed; nor is his style of dress one that would take several wasted moments, choosing only the best his wardrobe had to offer, before leaving home for an undisclosed period of time. This child probably never experienced the privilege of an air conditioned house; being able to choose a warm breakfast, or just a day old donut and cool glass of cold milk, before leaving his dwelling... More that I read, I realize that all mankind worldwide...is not created equal. Being created equal is not by choice of an individual, instead it’s because of indiscretion of a ruling factor that dictates without remorse. The 5 basic senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) are diluted from birth. A child of this nature is not given to the fullest extent, an education to understand what he or she, is worthy or capable of. A Ruling Factor fears education. If this burning thought ever flickers strong in the eyes of the underprivileged, there will be changes. Change comes at a costly price. For the educated, the price is well worth it. YarnSpinner
  14. tonyv

    Full Circle

    I like your take, Judi. Well, except for the sailors in pantaloons; I guess I just don't care for the the look. But yes, here (close to where I live) would have been one of those stops, those docks you mention, where the ships would have landed enroute to their ultimate destinations. Thank you for the close read and kind remarks. Tony
  15. Terry L shuff

    The Quest

    Poets of the past expressed their finest thoughts from hearts vast depth to grasp the future with request, remember us as now we rest. The words we wrote now speak to you,test them out and know their true. Our hearts gave out defiantly. We sought to write, thus span eternity. .
  16. Tinker

    Full Circle

    Hi Tony, I've read this over and over. The hymns vs the bottle were an AA image. The struggle for freedom with the bottle then enslaved by the bottle and the struggle to grasp the coat tails of God for freedom and salvation . I see the circle. Actually on the surface I had images of old docks and slave ships and sailors in pantaloons. I liked it, I felt the struggle. ~~Tink
  17. Tinker

    Visual Verse or Shape Verse

    joy wells up from deep down low and overflows to share my love. ~~jvg The Joybell
  18. tonyv

    Full Circle

    Hi Phil, While I'm no grammar expert, I try to use correct grammar, to the best of my ability, that is. I wanted to be sure L2 modified and pointed to the hymns, and that's what I think the construction I used accomplishes. That said, I'm unsure. I really don't know. This started out quite differently. I was going to use the geographical and historical images as metaphors in more personal contexts. Upon paring, the poem seemed to lean more toward being a follow-up, sort of a part two to my poem "Slave Trade." I wanted to leave the poem open, therefore there's no such thing as misinterpreting it. I can think of several different perspectives. Yours is along the lines of what I had hoped to elicit. The speaker is the former slave trader or his beneficiary. In my drafts I had references spanning from "bottle" (rum & Caribbean source), to Baptist choir (a representation of the American South), to suburbia (where I grew up). The "bottled thirst" could represent the literal results of excessive consumption ("dryness") and/or serve as a more abstract allusion to reduced profits (reality) or shortages (not reality) from abolished slavery, with the hymns ("progressive" ideas) being offered in exchange for the diminished profits, all the while alluding back to the historical hypocrisy of slavery mixed with (true) religion. The two are, of course, incompatible. This is from my imagination. The speaker is bitter. There's no guilt or (American) self-loathing on my part. My own ancestors were slaves -- in Europe -- to Swedes, Danes, Germans, Russians, and perhaps others. My immediate family has been in the New World only since the 1950s. In my short(er), more compact poems, I try to limit excessive use of the pronoun "I." I'm not in the camp that thinks it's wrong to explain or discuss. Doing so changes nothing as far as the art is concerned. I just hope I didn't add to the confusion. Thank you for the time you put into this. Tony
  19. Happy Mother's Day Enjoy the day, they say to we, we moms who have raised the hords of children who'd grow up as lords and maids in charge of all they see. We kissed the scrapes on your knee knowing someday we'd cut the chords. Enjoy the day Love a given, we cleaned debris left in the wake of our wards always mindful of vast rewards of raising our charges joyfully Enjoy the day! ~~Judi Van Gorder The Rondine
  20. Rescue A new kitten has joined our home abandoned by her feral Mom by product of a lusty Tom, like his kind ever on the roam. Too young to be left on her own she was found by friends in a field then she was brought to me to shield. We call her Molly, this fierce, fun, lovey baby. We both have won. We have succumbed, our love is sealed. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  21. Tinker

    Daily Poem Challenge

    I think writing a poem a day for April kind of pooped me out and I took a little break, plus my husband is back home from the hospital after a month and I have to readjust to care giving again. So here is a challenge for May 14. write a poem using these words hummingbird, lilacs, poppies, echo, breeze, lace, picnic, field Words can be in any order and anywhere throughout the poem and can be any form of the word.
  22. Tinker

    The Minute Poem

    A 30 Second Poem is a twisted Minute Poem created as a challenge at Writing.com by CJ. The elements are the same as the Minute Poem with the syllable count cut in half. a verse form written in 3 quatrains syllabic 4-2-2-2 4-2-2-2 4-2-2-2 rhymed aabb ccdd eeff Desperation A stomach ache can take away a day The work and fun undone detain in pain Taking a pill when ill could help the yelp ~~jvg
  23. badger11

    Full Circle

    Hi Tony, I wondered why you chose to break up the flow in L1. Perhaps you wanted to draw attention to hymns/harmonised? My reading: N. uses religion to 'bottle' the 'freedom' of the demon drink, but this has economic consequences. The consequences affect those that had a history of slavery. A further irony is that the life in suburbia is in servitude (survived with the aid of alcohol supplied by ex-slavery colonies). Hopefully, I haven't misinterpreted too much. Liked how particular sonics played: equity/irked; suga/grace. May be an option to use I rather than repeating me. This would mimic the dialect? thanks for sharing Phil
  24. badger11


    Yes, busy lives...lives in a microwave! cheers phil
  25. badger11

    At The Launderette

    Thanks for taking another look Tony. Pleased it works for you.
  26. badger11


    Thanks for the thumbs up Tony.
  27. badger11

    Three Short Poems

    Thanks Tony. My original title on file said 'Heat'. 'Cold' was part of the equation. Anyway the whole does not equal the parts for me so I've made three out of one! best Phil
  28. tonyv

    Full Circle

    In trade, for bottled thirst, I offered hymns, appeals for equity that harmonized yet still irked me. A place is just a place. Suburbia. I freed my slaves. No rum. Now, lemme hear your sobs, Barbados, suga. There grace for you from evah one but me.
  29. YarnSpinner

    A Mayan’s Message 

    You mean there were instances of False News back then also? Hmmmmm. YarnSpinner
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