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  2. I write to stretch myself to be more of me I write because I like words I write because I don't have a horse to ride anymore. I write to surprise myself.. I write to leave a piece of myself for my grandchildren. I write because I can. ~~Judi Van Gorder I have an extensive library on reading and writing poetry plus a whole lot of poetry books filled with amazing works of great poets. So much advise and example to help me write. So why do I have dry spells? Why can't I produce poetry on a regular basis. Read, read, read! The authors say. Yes the more I read good poetry, the more I want to emulate it. The advise to READ good poetry is a great starting and continuing point for all aspiring writers. I'm not kidding myself, I'm not a Robert Frost or a Maya Angelou. But I can be me, with my experiences and my perspectives with my mind and heart. What I learn from reading is how to communicate those experiences etc. to hopefully transport other readers into my world for a moment. A couple of books suggest we set aside a time and place to write each day. I've taken this advise and practiced it for periods of time and then life seems to always get in the way. But this works for many writers and if it works for you keep on keeping on. If you haven't tried it, it is a great idea and you should give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen? You have time set aside for your own thoughts. And the best case scenario, you might end up writing a masterpiece. Go for it. I recently read a blog in which the blogger said she was going through a dry spell when she and a friend made an agreement to daily challenge each other with a different verse form and theme. She said the vast majority of her work was in free verse but taking up the challenge to write in restrictive form helped her focus her thoughts. She was forced to pay closer attention to word choice and other writing details and got her writing back on track on a more regular basis. I've experienced something similar by accepting a weekly forms challenge at I'm not sending anyone over to another poetry forum although I am pretty sure most of us already belong to more than one poetry community. Anyway I am writing again because of the challenges, most of it not great poetry but there are a couple I've written recently that I feel good about. Of course right here in the reference section we have hundreds and hundreds of forms and genres explained and broken down by the elements. The challenges at often link to this site for the "how to" of the forms challenges. I'm a little embarrassed when I haven't already written an example poem for the challenge form. But the challenge not only prompts me to write in response, it also has challenged me to return to the reference section and write more example poems as well as finding and researching more forms to add to our collection. I am certainly open to including someone else's poems as example of the various forms. I'd love your help to provide good sample poems to demonstrate the forms I've documented. Some of them are silly attempts to create a poetic structure. And I suspect some were just the result of someone writing a poem, then looking at the structure and giving the frame a name. But most classic verse forms are frames that delivered successful poems and others tried to emulate the success of the original poem by using the same frame. That's how a standard verse form happens. By the way, Free Verse is a verse form. I think it is a given, you and I love poetry, that's why we are here. We also love to write so we need to keep READING and WRITING and WRITING some more. After all, not every poem that Dylan Thomas wrote was a master piece but he did not "go gentle into that good night". He left behind at least one piece that just about anyone who is an English speaker has heard and can recite a line or two from. So I will be looking to read your O Captain, My Captain or your Annabelle Lee and I'll read all of the rest of your attempts too. Whatever works for you, find a way to keep writing. ~~Tink aka Judi Van Gorder
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  4. Ha ha, I love reading your work confusing or not. ~~Tink
  5. Thanks Tink. Don't worry about replies. Always appreciated, but I have a long record of confusing readers! best badge
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  7. Thank you Tink, maybe some day I learn what this dream is about, its not scary, just, some kind of subconscious, concern. Nothing to do with any thing of a concious matter. No big deal. thanks again Terry
  8. I like this Terry and I can relate. I love snippet poems, a fleeting thought, clear, relatable, familiar. Nice. ~~Tink
  9. Another thinker DC...It all pulls together in the last strophe. It is honest. "I want to strip politeness from my censor" Oh how many times have I felt that way? ~~Tink
  10. Sleep reveals the vision, at it's will, Nightly it dictates, my mind obeys. Futile are my efforts, to impede, Powerless, reluctant, I concede. What meaning for me, does this vision, hold? Concealed the purpose, images can't tell, Yet comes the night, once more, the visions spell.
  11. Iam a Vietram veteran, a volunteer, when I was 19, we were no match, compared to those people. Many people are not prepared for a life like several billion people live. its difficult to raise tuff people , in a comfortable enviorment. My wife and I are fortunate, our chrildren are raised. oh well I'll get back to my Poetry. Terry. The next one will be on the lighter side.
  12. Iife is also what we make happen. Invictus.
  13. social issue poem

    A house divided Cannot stand, I wonder if they remember who said that ?
  14. social issue poem

    Triveni #2 A car careens into crowd, crushing bodies, creating chaos in the streets of Barcelona. New age running of the bulls. ~~Judi Van Gorder #3 Harbingers of hate rally in Charlottesville, rally protesters proffer presence in dissent. Law and order holds sway in the middle. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  15. social issue poem

    Ouch! Pretty disturbing and unfortunately this element does exist. It brings to my mind city streets and gang violence, but it isn't just young men. Women play their role too. Law enforcement is stretched thin in this regard and Gang Enforcement is a specialized field. I'm assuming the bullets accompanying your piece are making a statement. ~~Tink
  16. Thanks for reading and commenting Terry. And thanks from all the mothers out here. ~~Tink
  17. social issue poem

    The sirens wail declares approach of Night, Now phantom peacefulness of day is pierced Eyes are cast, towards the fading light, The role of fear, performs, so well rehearsed. Twilights calm relinquished to the past.The stewardship of day has passed the torch, Once again the young men claim the streets, the deadly war of nations THEY repeat. Held as Hostage, are the small and great The lawless ones Have Right of Passage claimed T L SHUFF.
  18. I long for the ability to write , and express my love for Nature,and all creation really, . As you do ! Terry
  19. This Poem applauds motherhood, In my opinion the strongest bond of love. Even for the glorious Animal Kingdom, in all of its diverse realms. Terry
  20. Witness We stood before the Throne you and I In the Loon’s call The clearing of clutter The unreliable labor to make ends meet And the beggar at the door says We’re selling these trinkets To raise money to help children grow closer to god and she seems confused at my reticience My avoidance My refusal Is there anyone else here she asks holding her box as if it’s a shield seeing in my eyes more than rejection I want to strip politeness from my censor leap upon the table yelling Which One Which One? If you have to ask You don’t know the Gods they are everywhere In the washed cups In the jars of herbs The dried spill one of us must clean-up Not the Hanging Judge The God of No unless multifaced Nothing grinning on the same side as the dog barks the cricket chirps the fragment burns on edge of atmosphere Or survives and creates an excuse for pilgrimage I met your god The one who uses belief to abdicate the sins of the Father pedaling a perversion of love spreading and subjugating your young bound to a demiurge Not Dead but Mad Mad Mad I almost laugh Instead silently say Be gone Be gone Ignorance The look of doubt as she leaves through the door contains more Power and Glory than this Witness can bare.
  21. Agree with all! Breathing life into a sonnet, creating something modern and living from old material. Whimsical and profound, nice work Geoff!
  22. Thank you Terry, It was a long time ago. The really sad thing is it happens in all too many homes, to all too many children everyday. It isn't that unusual. When my son worked patrol, domestic violence calls were a daily routine almost always involving alcohol or drugs. He used to carry teddy bears in the trunk of his patrol car. He hated those calls because they always involved family. ~~Tink
  23. A terrified child; causes one's heart to melt, next , RUN to her , hold her, next GET that person that caused this ! find out What and why . My heart goes out to you tink. terry
  24. I like current events poetry those. last two lines, GREAT and we will see what a fool can be Terry
  25. I wanted to thank you for the comment about observation vs. Conversation. that was a wow moment for me. oh tink , your right about Haiku, helping to focus and appreciate, the things some people over look. It does let God know were paying attention. that was a wow monent like Gatekeepers was for me. I hope to add a photo , idid manage to put up a cover photo, but my cameras pictures are to big even after croping . One of our Grand chrildren will help. Terry
  26. I agree about to much Haiku. I recently read an article about Haiku, The author talked about " so what Haiku " Extrodinary events, should be the guide against mundane every day occutances, that spoil the spirit of a rare and notable, happening that trigger surprise, delight, irony, an oh yea moment , or a simple wow.. and many other responses of immediate thought, and emotion. Most early Haiku, was about, nature, in all it's varity. Of course they lived in an agricultural society, And the Japanese were so respectful of all creation. Todays world is in awe of man's creations, , oh I also want to make sure I don't leave the impression that I speak or translate Japanese. All I know is rudimentary, but acquired by reading , articles of people, in the know. Terry
  27. I like this discussion. For me haiku helps me focus on the reality, the tangible without getting all tangled up in the emotion. I found journalizing my cancer progression helped me focus on what was, not what might be. It has taken a lot of the scary out of the journey. ~~Tink
  28. Haiku composition can be a rut in a muddy road, a tune that gets stuck in your head, or a bad habit, like an addiction. In order to write anything else, I had to break my habit of writing one, or more, each day, for hundreds of days on end and then did it again and again. On the up side, when done in that kind of habit, it can serve as a form of meditation practice. I think my haiku tend toward observation rather than conversation and in that sense I might compose a third line here as: "Drifts on distant hills" I very much like the spare form, but make no pretense that americanized haiku, from my hand at least, is in any way Japanese-like, except perhaps in condensation and spirit. I do not read Japanese.
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