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  2. A. Baez

    The "Weedy" Pretties

    Hi Judi, welcome back! I'm glad you so enjoyed the poem and that you got the Neoteric Classic entry posted! Just one thing--this poem isn't a Neoteric Classic proper; it has an additional 6-line verse, eeffaA, before the final six-liner. I don't know how you would notate that in your entry, but anyway. Like I said, it seemed like the weeds needed more room to spread out in this poem than the Neoteric Classic "original formula" would provide! I'm glad I managed through this poem to make you antsy to get outside! This is my favorite time of year--profoundly inspiring and invigorating. Wow, is your St. John's wort something that you had originally planted? After pulling it out, you could dry some of it and dispense it as tea to anyone you know who suffers from depression. I've tried it a couple times in the past myself when I had a bit of the blues and I found it made a noticeable difference! And is California poppy really considered a weed where you live? Here, it's considered a wildflower and is often an ingredient in the wildflower mixes you see sold in cans and packets. Again, "one man's weed is another man's treasure." Funny what you say about seeing a preponderance of spring poems and pandemic poems. The other day, I started trying to write a piece that was about both topics. I thought the juxtaposition that has been occurring between these two things is so striking that it could make for quite an interesting poem. We'll see if I'm able to pull this off at all.
  3. Tinker

    Sound the tocsin

    Sound the TocsinRing the tocsinbring the warningHeed the fearmission clearSounds of spacefound in shelterAvoid contact don't interactProtecting othersprojecting strengthNew normalless formalRide the swellHear the bell. ~~jvg
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  5. Tinker


    Yep, There is no rush, I've got no where to go. Nothing seems all that urgent. I'm amazed you have so much to say every day. ~~Judi
  6. Wow this was an amazing thread. So much to study and assimilate. Moving things around gave this clarity. I loved the original, you lost nothing in the revision but it is easier to understand. ~~Judi
  7. Tinker

    The Fencers

    Hi Phil, This end has a different vibe than the original that seemed more like a coming home at the end. That good feeling. The revision almost feels like he resents coming home, getting in the way of making money. I like the original. One can be young and modern and still love home. Of course I'm with the builder, I like the hammer and nail craftsman. Just my interpretation. I had to google bara brith, yum - my kind of cake, here in the states we would refer to it as a bread rather than a cake. Made in a loaf and sliced and buttered, sounds so good and I like anything with raisins. I found a recipe and will make some after the shelter in place stuff is over. I don't have all of the ingredients right now and probably won't be going out shopping any time soon. My pantry, freezer and garden will more than meet my needs, except for the ingredients for bara brith. It will be my celebration treat when this pandemic is all over. 🤩 ~~Judi
  8. Tinker

    #tonyv on 4/3-4-5 2020

    Tony, The daily thing pushes you and the poems I write are sometimes just getting something on the page. But there is value in each piece, maybe the seeds of a poem that will take more time to be polished and/or expanded or one to just be abandoned. In sales for me the rule of thumb is 3 nos to 1 yes. So far you have produced only yeses. But it is a good discipline. I'd be proud to say I wrote any one of your offerings. I wouldn't consider this one half assed at all. It's really good. ~~Judi
  9. Yesterday
  10. Tinker


    Phil, Now that is a grabber in this time of pink petals and sprouting lovelies. This poem is clever, interesting and impeccably crafted. You continue to inspire. ~~Judi
  11. dr_con


    Gumption 4/8/YoP Con/Jur/d My Father who loved me who didn’t like me according to acts portents public displays disappointed beratement apparently told his dementia caretakers before becoming full-time-forgetting I had ‘gumption’ ignoring safety- nets and their inherent holes I stumbled forward (with an emphasis on stumble) eager for the next mountain to see what I could see (most often as The Song goes it was the Other-Side of the Mountain) -- It comes up these days when any action any activity is judged by if it passes the-lastthing-I-will-do test: writing poetry having a beer trashy movies talking with friends texting my daughter reading pulp hugging my wife Preparing elaborate meals today with the malaise all of the above How does one write a poem or sit for an hour practicing nothing with threats existential Both real and imagined? A call to our inner innate improbable -- gumption.
  12. Tinker

    The "Weedy" Pretties

    AB, Finally I have time and intent and interest to read and I'm back to enjoy this very musical piece. I'm alone so have no problem reading out loud and this lyrical piece blessed my ears. A lot has been commented here, I'm not interrupting that. I have added this poem link to the Neoteric Classic explaination in the invented forms reference section. Finally I got that done too. Now for me to give this form a try. I have to come up with a good topic though. I'm just starting out in my garden to control the chaos. I fight one hearty weed that will take over everything if I allow it, St John's Wort. But I encourage another weed that I actually have spread seed, the California poppy. I loved how your poem balanced the natural with the cultivated. So true and so beautifully stated. I really enjoyed reading this and find it making me antsy to get outside. Everyone including me are thinking to write either pandemic or welcome spring poems right now and I've been reading mode all morning. This is my favorite spring poem so far this season. ~~Judi
  13. dr_con

    April 5. Elegy

    Yes Judi- Much better, loved it! 😉
  14. Tinker

    Cosmos's April 8th Poems

    Wow, amazing how circumstance alters our lives for good and for bad. ~~Judi
  15. Tinker

    April 7th poems

    Jake, Holy Crap, my brain can't assimilate all of this at one time. Love your Tigerjade, I think the form helps focus your thoughts. Nice The Tigerjade is an invented stanzaic form introduced by Jacqueline Sturge. In researching the name, I found Tiger Jade the name of a freighter in the Bengal Tiger line. The name could also refer to jewelry, a jade tiger. The elements of the Tigerjade are: stanzaic, written in any number of octaves. syllabic, 3-3-12-12-12-12-3-3 syllables per line. rhymed, aabbccdd eeffgghh etc.
  16. Tinker

    #tonyv 4/6/2020

    Tony, The accents didn't have to be explained, they were recognized and appreciated by this reader. What a brilliant idea. Daily writing looks good on you. I'm going to make this my mantra = a much needed, perfectly timed reminder. ~~Judi
  17. Tinker

    Paper Bag

    Obviously your paper bag is filled with a whole lot more content than my paper bag that was absolutely empty yesterday. I couldn't even make myself read the day's offerings let alone write more that 5 dumb lines. I'm impressed you created this fascinating epic on a malaise day. ~~Judi
  18. Tinker

    6 Impossible Things

    Juris, So clear! I was right there with you. I finally took a Zyrtec and yes the allergy symptoms subsided. It is Spring. But in the midst of a pandemic, locked inside, the malaise overcomes the reasoning and stifles creativity. At least for me. It certainly didn't for you. This poem is thoughtful and clear and right on how many of us feel and think. This is a keeper. ~~Judi
  19. Tinker

    april 6th poems

    Love the repetition. Almost chant like. I'm afraid we are going to see a lot of this kind of poem for awhile as this virus has us all focused on its progression. ~~Judi
  20. Tinker

    April 5. Elegy

    Juris, I agree, I had changed it about 4 times before deciding on that line which still didn't make me happy. But reading your comment, I went back to the drawing board and am much happier with my revision which says more than the original and has the more realistic layers of meaning. (At least to me.) Thanks, ~~Judi
  21. Tinker

    April 6 The Dust Rises

    Yesterday was a blah day, I struggled yesterday too, glad to hear you feel better today. I hope you are OK. I actually had to go in and work at the office yesterday although the door was locked to the public. But other than taking care of concerns of clients, I couldn't get motivated for anything. I even did a Taco Bell drive through yesterday and I rarely eat fast food. Don't get sick ~~Judi
  22. A. Baez

    The Formal Gardens, and Beyond

    Good, glad to hear it Thanks! I'm not used to negotiating such a shift, especially in such a sweeping context. Oh, we don't have that connotation to "mincing" over here! Interesting!
  23. badger11

    The Formal Gardens, and Beyond

    That passage is fine. I like the the prankster. Like the sonic play of confusion/delusion and raw/rare. In the UK, mincing is associated with an effeminate male.
  24. Peanut Butter Spread on soft bread,or crispy crackers,or crunchy celery or apple slices,or dipped in blackberry jamand licked right off the spoon. ~~jvg
  25. Last week
  26. dr_con

    April 6 The Dust Rises

    I didn't look at the notes until T said something;-) But I liked its simplicity as well as the strong images it brought to mind of ever rising dust from all those activities - meant to comment yesterday but really was out of sorts... feeling better today;-)
  27. dr_con

    #tonyv 4/6/2020

    ahhhhh, just great. really played to the 'accents' 😉 Clear clear picture. Nice work Tony! J
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