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  2. Cliff Face

    Already started to 'muck' about. Thanks Tink.
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  4. Cliff Face

    Oh so good Badge.... I can't pick a favorite line, so good. Knowing your penchant for editing, don't "muck" with this one... ~~Tink
  5. Saturday Morning

    Thanks Badge, The exercise was to include as many details from the photo as I could see and then embellish with my imagination to bring it home. After this sits a while, I think I'll come back and trim it up. Not every detail need be mentioned in the finished poem away from the exercise. ~~Tink
  6. Cliff Face

    revision At a distance those pencil smiles hooked our greed for edges - an alliteration of crags and crevices and clefts. And when we arrived so disappointed to be diverted into a turnip field. The track drawing us away from the millennia of smiles as broad as clowns mucking about before their sadness descended into the sea. original At a distance those pencil smiles hooked our greed for edges - an alliteration of crags and crevices and clefts. And when we arrived so disappointed to be diverted into a turnip field drawing us away from the millennia of smiles as broad as clowns mucking about before their sadness descended into the sea.
  7. Saturday Morning

    Lovely Tink. Especially S1 and S2. Love the picture of ordinariness in those.
  8. Last week
  9. Triad

    <p> <a name="uniquely" rel=""><strong class="bbc">Uniquely Irish, The Shamrock</strong></a> by <em class="bbc">Judi Van Gorder</em> </p> <p> I don&#39;t&nbsp;want to sound&nbsp;terse<br> It could be much much worse<br> but I&#39;ll try to write a clever verse.<br> <br> Of shamrock&#39;s I will carp,<br> may sound a bit too sharp<br> not like sweet music on the harp.<br> <br> In distant Ireland of all places<br> they cover most of the bases<br> even the art of shaving faces. </p> <p> <em class="bbc">Seamrog, (Gaelic) shamrock, with its 3 leaves is said to represent not only the Holy Trinity, but also (the fruits of the spirit, faith, hope and charity), (love, valor and wit), (past, present and future) and uniquely Irish, (clever verse, music on the harp, and the art of shaving faces). </em> </p>
  10. Jeffrey's Sonnet

    In the Night, Darkness Another late night writing binge, seeking words to ignite and singe the edge of thought. Scarring a new image within the reader's mind and leading him as if he's blind to a savage and ravaged view. A lady stained in blue is pale and cool upon this page in brail. Can you see her behind your eyes? Can you feel the stripes of flogging? Can you hear her silent sobbing? Can you taste the salt of her cries? When she dies this little song ends and blends poet and reader's sighs. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  11. At The Launderette

    Thanks Tink. I do revise poems here - in fact this poem started life as something else. Writing on a blank page is another matter. I do follow the prompts and your subsequent writes. best badge
  12. At The Launderette

    Hi Badge, So glad to see someone else post a poem. I like how this is poem finds the right sounds to describe ordinary tasks. "garden days" is that the same as "salad days" ? I like Auntie Eve. ~~Tink
  13. My Auntie Eve sips a black coffee and stares out at the sleeping homes, that leafy litter of graves. She sucks on another roll-your-own ciggy, unloads a basket of soiled souls. The machine's full. Humming a hymn she sets the dial to synthetic white and through the screams and cleansing foam observes the spinning out of night. She clasps her flask of homemade gin, makes knowing sighs. Auntie Eve nurses the stuff of dreams, those bouquet schemes for garden days and original sin.
  14. "The lady doth . . . " The current climate of "Time's Up", "Me too!" exposed a wrong against the vulnerable. A movement hearing voices over due. They shout with charges indisputable. Though not exclusively for women wronged. It seems that most complaints do come from there. Abusing power, mostly men belonged, they use their strength, intimidate and snare. Now many men have fallen in their shame and many more will follow in their wake. The line is drawn but not to bring one fame. A compliment can be just that, no snake. So don't mistake attraction for abuse and protest only when there is misuse. ~~Judi Van Gorder 14 Lines Shakespearean Sonnet Prompt: Write a Shakespearean Sonnet inspired by "The Lady doth protest too much, methinks."
  15. Saturday Morning

    Saturday Sleeping In I slide from the warmth of my bed, hardwood cold under foot, and tie back the seafoam curtains to welcome the morning light. Remnants of winter linger outside, Patches of snow tap down the promise of Spring. Branches, still bare, wait for a warmer day. Looks like my neighbors slept in too. Downstairs, I make myself a cup of coffee then return. I look at my lone bed stand and brush my hand across your untouched space reminders that you are gone from me forever. I climb under my still warm, soft grey comforter and prop my pillow to read in the quiet calm. ~ ~ Judi Van Gorder Prompt: Write a poem of perception using the details from this picture. Saturday Morning Sleeping In
  16. Memory Lane

    Memory Lane In a small space, somewhere inside my head, obscured from sight by tangled limbs of thought and brambles of unfulfilled dreams, there is a hazy, lazy lane where memories of an almost forgotten past dwell. Sometimes an image, a touch or taste on my tongue will take me there. But I don't linger long. I prefer the clear path before me. ~~Judi Van Gorder Prompt, write a 12 line minimum poem titled, Memory Lane. Frame at the discretion of the poem.
  17. Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for March 13, Write a 12 line or more poem titled Memory Lane using any frame.
  18. Earlier
  19. I have some poems appearing here - http://www.therecusant.org.uk/#/phil-wood-new-poems/4594242984 http://militantthistles.moonfruit.com/phil-wood-poem/4594243013 cheers Phil
  20. Autumn Sky Daily

    Thanks Tony. The journal has a very efficient submission policy - you send a poem and if it is accepted then it goes in that week - if it doesn't appear in the week of submission then it has not been accepted. Other poetry mags can take months to accept or not.
  21. Autumn Sky Daily

    Phil, I remember this fabulous poem. I've come across the site before. The editor seems likable, and the journal itself appeals to me. Congratulations on the publication. Tony
  22. Syrian Ceasefire

    Poignant write Tink. The heroism of the rescuers, the tragedy to be found.
  23. The story so far

    It was just an idea/suggestion: title links to take a visitor to the page where the poem was published. You might prefer the clean look of a simple list with no links instead. It's whatever you want.
  24. Syrian Ceasefire

    Syrian Ceasefire TableauA child's tear streaked facepeeks from behind wall,wide eyed in terror.Somber searchers comb ruins for survivorsof last night's airstrike. Stepping over bricksrescuers pick throughrubble and debris.Body found face down,her blood soaked hijabflutters in the breeze. ~~Judi Van Gorder Prompt: Write a Tableau
  25. Allegro

    Yes, I see what you mean in terms of regulars.
  26. The story so far

    Thanks for those kind offers Tony. I may start using links when time permits - a lot depends on the format of a publication!
  27. Autumn Sky Daily

    I have one appearing here: https://autumnskypoetrydaily.com/2018/03/08/sea-wall-by-phil-wood/ best Phil
  28. Hold On

    Thanks Tony, I almost felt as though the prompt word formed the poem and this piece of scripture fit. It is a verse that I fell in love with as a teen. It is the only quote I kept in my wallet my entire life. I have used this same quote in a glosa I wrote a long time ago. And forgiveness is and was the biggest lesson I've had to learn. I went years after my father's death without forgiveness. Until that time someone suggested to me that my unforgiveness for my father colored every relationship I had. With much soul searching and prayer I finally forgave him. Up to that point when I thought of him, I only flashed on the ugly experiences. So much so that I couldn't tell him I loved him while he was dying. After forgiving him I could remember the good times, the fun times. I will never forget the ugly times but those are not my first memories of him. I wrote a poem about it. Father-Daughter ~~Judi
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