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  1. PMO Community Matters ***MEMBERS ONLY*** Feature Requests

    What kind of features would you like to see on the site? It can be anything: changes to existing layout, new forums or blogs, etc. Some things you might desire might already be available, simply not activated or existing but hard to find. Let me know.

  2. PMO Community Matters ***MEMBERS ONLY*** Special Requests

    Some members might need something special. Do you need your own blog? Well, they're available. I want PMO to serve its members' needs, collectively and individually. A key component of my vision for PMO is that it may serve as a means for members to promote themselves. If I can help with that, I will. We have a member, @fdelano1, who requested a PTSD forum. I incorporated one in the Special Interests section of the forums. Another esteemed member, @David W. Parsley needed a section for his longer poetic works for which the general Poetry forums weren't suitable. I made a section of the forums where replies are not enabled, so that he could keep these works organized while still being able to post them, at his option, in the Member Poetry forums where he can receive feedback on the works. If you need something let me know. If it makes sense, I will do what I can to accommodate.


    1 I have not seen @fdelano in a while and hope he is okay.

  3. PMO Community Matters ***MEMBERS ONLY*** How-to

    Any questions on how to use the site, the software, etc. just make a topic here.

  4. PMO Community Matters ***MEMBERS ONLY*** Visions for the Site

    I have my own vision for PMO, what it means to me, and how it may best serve its members. I'll elaborate a bit on my own vision for the site, and I encourage other members to do the same.

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