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Some silliness for my grandkids.

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In a couple of days I am on my way to see my granddaughters, here is something I wrote to entertain them. It is a Madsong.

Silly Rabbit

Today I stroked a hare
and felt his furry coat
so silky soft
and then he coughed
and ran off with a goat.

I know I saw a toad
he hopped into my bed
with slimey skin
he jumped right in
and made me bump my head.

I smelled a cow just now.
How did she get in here?
With cloven hooves
and bellowed moo's
she stopped by for some cheer.

I think I heard that rabbit,
his loppy ears so long,
with twitching nose
and wiggle toes
and singing a silly song.

I made a savory stew,
though won't make it a habit
with lots of spice
it turned out nice
I ate that silly rabbit.

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I like this cute poem Tinker. You use nice rime. I hope your grandkids enjoy with this poem. Kiss for them. icon_flower.png


Thank you for sharing



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Hi Tink,



A wonderful romp of images, sounds and narrative. I can imagine loads of delighted chuckles from you little granddaughters and true to the spirit of a great children's verse and tale a twist at the end! One is quite engrossed in the details and the turn in fortunes/misfortunes of the "silly rabbit" does come as a bit of a startle. I'm sure the girls will love it!



I enjoyed this very much.



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Lovely! With all the "spice" and life, the silly little adventure of the rabbit or you, I bet trinity and others would love it! Like gl I can hear chuckles too (but of the lil' ones icon_albino.png ). Its ryhme and music and fairytale like description reminds me of one of my favourite songs when I was a kid: "Hey diddle diddle/ the cat and the fiddle" one.


Can't help remembering my own granma reading us halirious jokes, the "cut pieces" from different magazines when she took us on the roof to oil our hair. And we had that "Chanda mamu" (uncle moon) and "Surayya ki ghuria" (the doll of surayya) poems..... I miss her!


The lil' uns are lucky to have you!

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Hi Tinker,


It's so fun and adorable. I bet your granddaughters will love it. Hope they'll one day pick up poetry writing like you.





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Thank you all for commenting on this silly thing. It is one of those things that if anyone had been around while I was writing it, would have thought me a little crazy. And the girls loved it! So that night we had chicken scampi but we called it rabbit scampi and there was a lot of giggling going on at the dinner table.



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