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Song of the Midnight Troubadour

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Song of the Midnight Troubadour

The midnight concert begins
like the coming and going
of the tide upon the shore,
then grows to the howling
of an off key troubadour.

A startling snarf,
followed by a schnack snarf schnack,
loudly interrupts the rhythm,
the making of an insomniac.

Sometimes it's like a far off lion's roar
at others, a whistle wheezes
or the nasal snorting of a boar.
The sounds will amplify,
inhale, exhale, huff puff blow,
then silence breathes a sigh
and he doesn't even know.
                 ----Judi Van Gorder

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oh wow this is so good judy. very entertaining read and write. much enjoyed. much different then my mile long write i wrote ironicly lol. great original title by the way. that alone attracted and grabbed me right away to this read. the lingau-fanca in this is so suberbly and solidly placed. The rhythm of the articulation used flows in a steady pace making this a very great read. very witty and clever read also. i wasn't in a such a good mood and reading this put me in a very light-hearted mood so thank you very much.


sorry for high jacking your post.


tinker could you please move "the magic that never was" to the prose board please. i actually think that title i used was one of best titles i have ever come up with for a poem i have ever wrote ironicly lol. i will change the first part of it to a simple poetry format because i realize you are correct that many people that read poetry loose meaning in longer poetry writes. i am in the process of rewriting about 300 of the poems i have wrote over the last 12 years of the about 700 i have written during that time span.


i have earned in the last few years several honorary university degrees from broward college in south florida that i am so proud of. the one that i am proudest of is a masters in literature. i worked really hard to ascetain this which all the degrees were a very shocking mildly pleasant surprise to receive to begin with. that being said...


i am in the process of putting together two poetry books with the help from a christian college in kentucky. a male adminstrator guidance counselor that works there is helping me organize both books if i ever do stop procrastinating. the first one is title "one drink to many" i have not come up with a title for second book though it will contain only melachonic poetry. i am able to do this project because of that counselor thank god. also the money to work on this project comes via two pell grants. i was given two pell grants by the United States governmen.t i don't have to pay back the equivalent to around 7000 USA dollars. it will cost me around 4 or 5 thousand dollars to get around 200 hardback copies in print. i want to produce 100 copies for each of the 2 books of my assorted poetry as i am not looking at making a profit off of this venture. most of the copies of the books will strickly be given away by me to the few people i still socailize with, i don't have a title for the second book yet.


it is not easy to pick out around 120 poems out of the around 700 poems i have written in the last 12 years. i have to go thru what i wrote and edit some of the placement of stanzas in many of those 120 poems. i didn't realize that some of my melachonic poems were so really beautifully written by me over the years. some of the longer stanzas in around 50 of my poems really made me welt up in tears. about 50 of those poems i just mentioned had a stanza or two i wrote that was so beautiful i cried because of the expression of the mere beauty of the placement of words i had written years ago. for you to understand what i mean? i have a low self-esteem because my looks have detoriatining horribly over the last 5 years

i used to be handsome lol. it is just that i was a health nut lol. i exercised everyday for a hour and eat very healthy before my accident. i look like i am 80 years old and i am 40 years old.


the poems need to be reorganized and that will take sometime to work because to write in perfect placement for me takes a lot of mental strain on my brain because of the brain damage i suffered in that car wreck 15 years ago because of mental fatigue sadly.


i was really surprised that broward college was given information by a student or teacther there insight on my writings that i was aa really good writer. the proffesor went thru around 200 poems i posted there, around 400 ournal posts by me, 4 songs, 10 short stories, etc.. but what grab the teacher was my writings on gnostc literature on literature i wrote. there was around a couple dozen writings and a paper i wrote on hebrew words which involved proper name meanings of all proper hebrew names starting with my last name and customs around 40 pages long. they also read stories on around 50 of my spiritual encounters while meditating and my writings on dreams which was about 20 writings. i wrote theories on reincarnaion and spirit possession that made psychiatry believers look like quaks. their community requested i be looked away in a state mental ward lol because 90 percent of them are jewish rabbe who thought i might start another haulocaust lol.


ty tinker.


Edited by Larsen M. Callirhoe

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Love it Tink. Life's little problems eh! You've captured this one in a most entertaining way which doesn't belittle how serious a problem this can be. The language conjured up half-visions of Lewis Carrols Jabberwocky. Much enjoyed. Geoff.

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I note the bleary-eyed time stamp lending a note of authenticity to the inventive rendering of the captive "audience." Not confessing anything here, but I wonder what my wife would think of the piece...


Clever and fun. I almost lost it with schnack-insomniac and roar-boar.


- Dave

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Nice job, Tinker! Interesting form. What is it? I, too, liked the two rhymes Dave pointed out.




PS -- I wonder if some ear plugs are in order ... :))

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