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Me, The Condensed Version # 29 Poem a Day

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Me, the Condensed Version

Judi, Judi, Judi,
enthusiastic, energetic, enduring.
Kids, watermelon, horses and basketball
top my list of likes
and I can't give or get enough love.
I have a streak of Jesus freak in me
but it has mellowed over the decades.

Cancer and snakes creep me out,
I've had a personal encounter with the first,
the second is just in my head.
I still dream of adventure and romance
and often forget this old body
can't always keep up with my teenage brain.

I call the Redwood Empire my home
where I can be found working or playing
and I have been known to tinker with words.

~~ Judi Van Gorder

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Oh, that first line! I smiiled after remembering the Andy Griffith episode where Goober was doing a BAD imitation of Cary Grant, "Judi, Judi, Judi!" :)


Quite a personal work.

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Thanks for reading Marti, after 29 days it becomes increasingly difficult to come up with a subject for a poem. Writing is fun and I need to stop and laugh at myself once in a while. I was a big fan of Cary Grant as a kid but I honestly can't tell you in what movie he said the Judi, Judi, Judi line but I still hear it all of the time. I have a client who calls or stops by the office on a regular basis, just to say hi and check on the status of his account and always begins the conversation by repeating the line to me with just the right inflection in his voice. And he is not the only one who has said the line to me. I must bring out the Cary Grant in men. ~~smile~~



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Enjoyed and chuckled at the Cary Grant quote. Maybe you bring out the Goober in men, like me. :wacko:

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I think your topic was perfect, if only I could 'condense' my story; how does anyone? Mine would just be "i'm a bitch, i'm a bitch, i'm a bitch..." Nice work, dearie, I found it a cute piece. And the business about not getting enough love? I relate in a big and terrible way.

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That made me laugh Frank, I didn't see the Goober version.


Tammi you too made me laugh, I am sure I should have slipped bitch into my poem somewhere. I debated on posting one of these acrostics instead. They come from a little different perspective. A little narcistic to sit down and write about myself in different ways.

Just Me

Trying to balance the slippery balls
Improving my focus from day to day
Never heeding the warnings or pitfalls
Knowing there are rewards, work is play
Ever moving consistently forward
Racing onward to emulate the bard.
                           ~~ Judi Van Gorder


The Student

Trying to become a better poet,
Involved in more than I bargained for.
Never giving up,
Knowing life gives as good as it takes.
Enthusiastically embracing whatever comes,
Rewarded by the gifts that surround me.
                                    ~~Judi Van Gorder



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