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Poetry Magnum Opus
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Adaptation (Just for fun)

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For several days I often heard the skittering,


run-jump of a squirrel across the roof,


then silence. Curiosity led me to settle


in a chair on the top deck where I could view


the whole scene of the top of the house below.



Within minutes, the cautious creature climbed


a tree on the eastern side and started its run


to the west. From the ledge, it jumped about


five feet to a limb from a near tree, then proceeded


to fly from one limb to another, tree to tree.



My thoughts were to nip this roof-runner in the bud,


so I got my ladder and saw to lop off the squirrel’s


landing limb. I could not wait to see the varmint’s


reaction. When I next heard his nails above me,


I ran out to watch from my perch on the deck


just in time to see him reach the edge, ready to


jump. He stopped, looking all around as though


to say, “What the hell?”



After about a minute while I gloated at having


out-foxed the critter, he launched himself


to another branch a good two feet further


away than the one I had cut off. He landed


with ease and took up his usual path,


seemingly without wonder at what had happened.

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"It's not nice to fool Mother Nature", or try to. For as tiny as those brains are, I have found they think pretty quick on all fours. I had one, yesterday, hanging upside down on a thin branch of the maple outside my kitchen window, just staring back at me. I tapped the glass and got no more than the twitch of his tail. We built a feeding station for them with a roof and I tie bags of fiberfill on it for their nests, since they tore open my deck furniture cushions to steal it. We put it on the front porch so the dogs and the critters won't kill themselves over each other.


You are one of the best story tellers, in poetry, I must tell you.

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