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Poetry Magnum Opus
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Word scrub. Eyes down. Scrub harder.
Do not tick tock the hours.
There's space within this space of lines.

Word scrape. Mouth shut. Ink clean.
Do not opaque with smear and blur
that slant of calligraphy.

Word scrawl. Grit teeth. Breathe softly.
Do not thread the yarn of maybes.
Lather in blue between the dunes.

Word complete. After the ablutions
pitch the tent and sleep and sleep....














Scrub hard. Eyes down. Scream softly.
Do not tick tock the hours.
Soap quick. Mouth shut. Erase.
If not, then smear and blur
the dream calligraphy.
Scrape close. Grit teeth. Scrape harder.
The biting place to gleam,
breath minted to kiss the day.
Scratch deep. Lather in heat
across the skin. Scratch deeper
threading the yarn of maybes.
Eyes to beckon make believe.

Down there, between the dunes,
pitch the tent, and wake in blue.

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