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Poetry Magnum Opus
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Absent Dancers

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Absent Dancers


Unusual to awake in the middle

hours with no visitors, no dancers

who want to hold me tight and relive

moments of horror as they perished.


Don't think I'm complaining, except

maybe for the loss of sleep. Hell, I will

not complain if I never sleep again

until I join you in Elysium.


Has the quota for one who hates

to dance finally reached empty?

Did my out of step performance

annoy you as I screamed for help?


Is it perhaps that the ballroom

allows for just a few elders that will not

jostle the beginners who have only

recently received late invitations?


Please. let me dance in their stead,

if their faulted brains will allow me

to tap your shoulder, take your bony

hands and sway to macabre music.

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let me dance in their stead


Very mystically altruistic, and somewhat scary. Again, a gripping title. This latest batch are replete with concrete images/feelings. Hope they are helping you, buddy. ;)

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