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Poetry Magnum Opus
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Summer vacation’s here at last; no learning ’til September.
No more sentences to punctuate, no ‘rithmetic to remember.
Today’s a swell day, but my bicycle has a flat.
With no money to repair it, it’ll stay right where it’s at.

I could go fishin’, but it’s too hot to dig for worms,
If I’m to enjoy this summer, I’ll work out other terms.
Boredom... such boredom, what am I gonna’ to do?
It’s three months ‘til school begins, I’m bored, and have no clue.

The clock struck ten... morning’s going so slow.
Will afternoon drag like this? I hope it won’t be so.
Hey! What’s this? I’ve not seen this before!
A big green book with tattered pages, labeled... OPEN ANY DOOR

Opening it to Page 20... to a depth of forty feet,
Pushing onward and downward, I felt terrific heat.
Fumerols belching gases, lava peeked from the ocean floor.
I counted five bubbling vents; to my right were several more.

I grew more curious, but to stay longer I did not dare.
I turned for the surface, my lungs cried out for air.
Slowly now, don’t want the bends, that’s torture short of death.
Half way to the surface, I began releasing pent up breath.

My eyes were losing focus, my head began to ache,
I continued releasing air, how much more could I take?

Gasping, I looked up from the book.
It was nearly lunch time, I scanned pages for another look.

Opening to 77, I read from the middle of the page.
... Charging from the court yard, its eyes were livid with rage.
Retreating to the castle moat, I looked quickly over my shoulder;
It was twenty feet to water below, strewn with rocks and boulder.

My great sword was broken; my armor weighed a ton.
I vowed my life to save a damsel, but could it really be done?
Saliva drooled from gaping jaws, it reared to a towering height.
Throwing back its repulsive head, it’s roar gave me fright.

It lowered its gaze to me, my knees began to quake.
It continued its baneful roar, the ground began to shake.
Dearest Maiden in yon tower, what fools we knights must be.
We risk our lives in the name of honor, and do it so willingly.

I traveled far to rescue you, and don’t even know your name.
Might you be ugly as a warthog, I fight for you just the same.
Have you any idea I’m out here? From what window do you see?
Do you care the danger I’m in, or what may happen to me?

I’ve got to be honest Dear Maiden, I’m having second thought.
Your kingdom has not enough gold, as reward for this battle I’ve fought.
Yet... come O’ mighty dragon... come try my dagger’s steel.
When I plunge it into your demon heart, death is what you will feel.

“Son, son, couldn’t you hear me? It’s time to come and eat.
I have your favorite sandwiches, then you can have a treat.”

It was hard to put the book down, food was not on my mind.
I craved for adventure now, I had a hunger of a different kind.

Summer will pass quickly, to be sure I’ll finish the brook,
But hardly a day will pass, that I won’t spend time with a book.
I’ll trek frozen Arctic lands, ride horses while chasing hounds.
I’ll sail with pirates in tall ships, into uncharted coastal sounds.

I’ll fly off in mighty rockets, to galaxies far away,
Or cross the vast prairie lands, in covered wagons of yesterday.
No longer will I feel boredom, or wonder what I’ll do next,
I can venture a world by reading, volumes of adventurous text.


copyright 2011

Edited by YarnSpinner
A misspell

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Yarn spinner, This was a fascinating read. My first reaction was Oh too much, but I couldn't stop reading it. I liked it.


~~ Tink

~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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Belatedly Tink...Thank you. YarnSpinner

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