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Poetry Magnum Opus
Terry L shuff

Who knows ?

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Terry L shuff
  • I heard it really happened , yes I just was told,
  • Maybe its a mistake, this person, I don't know.
  • Is he a reliable source? Perhaps I'll ask another, 
  • But will he know  any better ? Better than the other ?
  • I should ask a 3rd,  they say  3rd. time a charm.
  • How can I know that's right, maybe those people are wrong !
  • where can I get the answer ?
  • Everyone told someone.
  • Who then told someone new.
  • And really what good would, it do
  • If they asked me or you ? 

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Is the empty final bullet intentional? If so, it works very well as a prompt for the reader to fill it in. If it wasn't intentional, I suggest you pretend it was.:-8)

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