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Poetry Magnum Opus

That Seemed Good

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He found me wandering in Quiapo and offered 
to take me home. That seemed good.

He said, 'You need a good bath to remove 

all that grease off your body.'

He led me into a room where there was 

water and a bucket.

He cleaned me up with soap. His hands 

polished parts of me to his satisfaction.

He led me to a bed and said, 

'You need rest.' That seemed good.

He laid me down. My hair still wet. He said, 

'I will take care of you' as he undressed.

First, he let go of the pants then underwear,
dropping them on the floor.

I watched him get close to me, his weight 

pressing heavily. Then, he got up.

Leaving a twenty-peso bill he told me, 

'Buy yourself some candy.' That seemed good.


In the light of the HW scandal in the media, I thought I would share an old poem of mine that resonates with the times.

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Disturbingly effective. I think the two-line stanzas and the repetition work well with the subject. Thanks for sharing this, Joel.


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Creepy. And I agree with Tony about the two-line stanzas. The pattern created a rapid progression from one moment to the next, without a unifying flow that might have allowed the protagonist to assemble a full sense of what was happening.

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