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Poetry Magnum Opus

She Waits

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Slipping into new moon blackness,
driven by a wild desire.
Only one had held her closely.
Only one had stoked her fire.

Fearing wrath of tyrant father,
out her bedroom door she’d crept,
toward her lover, into darkness,
while upstairs her family slept.

On this night her man would meet her.
From his unit, miles he’d run.
By the banks of muddy river,
he and she would lie as one.

Waiting for a traveling soldier
drains a woman’s heart and soul.
On this night she’d reawaken.
Long fragmented, she’d be whole.

Over rain-slicked streets and sidewalks,
toward their rendezvous she sped.
Memories of moments past and
future longings filled her head. 

She stood on a corner curbstone,
gazing at the stars above,
‘neath the flicker of a street lamp,
waiting for her dearest love.

For an hour, two, she waited,
thirsting for a welcome sight,
but only vermin, scrounging garbage,
met her anxious eyes that night.

Break of dawn, her tears exhausted,
she slipped into river’s flow.
“I love you,” she told her lost one,
then she disappeared below.

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I wonder how many from my own recent past ... I send them texts, but they don't reply. They must have disappeared below. :o:tongue:

Nice work well written -- thanks for sharing this one. I'm excited that you've joined and am looking forward to enjoying more of your work.


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Thanks, Tony. Tinker turned me on to this site via Writing.com, and it's nice to find another option for sharing a passion.

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