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Poetry Magnum Opus
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Daily Poem Challenge

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Notes: ▼


The Day Begins

Rat-a-tat-tat, Rat-a-tat-tat
you might think it a kettle drum.
Rat-a-tat-tat, Rat-a-tat-tat
No, it’s the sound of the rain,
waking me this bleak morning.
Rat a-tat-tat.

Pa-dump pa-dump, pa-dump,
the kitty gallops through the house
Pa-dump pa-dump, pa-dump
jacked by the cold and ready to play,
running so fast she slammed into a wall.
Clunk! Pa-dump pa-dump,

the heater kicks on to warm the room
I have no idea why that thing is so noisy.
Until it does it’s job I’ll stay right here
in the rustle of my sheets
snuggled and entertained by the cat.
                  ~~~~ Judi Van Gorder

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Day 15
Theme: Pick a snack or some kind of food you love that you CANNOT get where you are. A friend calls on her way to get herself some of what ever it is and now you really want some too.
Words to use: NOW!, mean, slime.
Forbidden words: ANY KIND OF FOOD.
Additional parameters: Title of poem is the specific food. (ONLY place you can use any type of food word.) At least 16 lines.

Taquerìa Tacos

Oh yes,
 there are many others
but only one hole in the wall,
So Cal, cocinero
can create them
mean and lean.

Fire on my tongue,
addicting, leaving me
craving more.

Not now,
but when I head south again,
You will be sure to find me
standing in line to place my order.

Taste of Mexico,
no slime, just succulent freshness
that awakens every taste bud
with fireworks!
                  ~~Judi Van Gorder

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Day 16

Theme: Time - we all need more, but supposing someone 'gave' you a moment? Pick a period of time: a moment, a quarter of an hour, a day, an hour, decade, eon, month, etc.. What would you/could you do with it? Or maybe when would you get it? Fun or get chore caught up? All sorts of possibilities!

Words to use: your selected amount of time, plus four (min) other units of time.

Title your poem your chosen unit of time.

Forbidden words: None today 🙂

Additional parameters: None sp;

A Lifetime

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Notes: ▼
Prompt for: December 9, 2018 (Ren) "Day 17 " Subject or Theme: Holidays make us miss someone or appreciate someone more. Your poem must include 5 of these 10 lines that are from songs on my current playlist:

if you're gonna break my heart just break it
play me close
27 blocks to go
I'm not made out of steel
everywhere I go I see your face
this is perfect baby
I still see you
you're running out of time
just another ex-love you don't wanna see
looking like a princess
I need more hours with you
you love me now and I feel the same way
I got this feeling inside my bones
baby shark

Word(s) to Include: at least 5 of the lines above - please list the ones you used at the bottom in a note.(tense can be changed, but nothing else!) Forbidden Word(s): (none) (or any derivatives of these words)
Additional Parameters: Can be serious or humorous...24 lines minimum Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

I'll Miss You

Tears held in check
       a battle rages inside,
anger and sadness war.
"I’m not made out of steel"
"If you’re going
           to break my heart,
                      just break it"
and still I'll miss you.

"You’re running out of time"
To salvage any hope
              of Christmas past,
the laughter gone.
"I got this feeling
            inside my bones"
we end now 
and I'll miss you.

"Everywhere I go
            I see your face"
Your taunting words
           ring in my ears.
I will be happier
          without your venom.
and still I'll fondly
         remember better times
and I'll miss you.
                    ~~Judi Van Gorder

25 Lines
Lines used from playlist highlighted in green

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Notes: ▼

"Day 18" Theme: Christmas - any aspect thereof
Words to use: palpable, replete, whisper, symbol
Forbidden words: the, of, a, for, an, to, I, you, me, from, in, and
Hush He's Sleeping

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Notes: ▼

"Day 19 - "
Theme: Currier & Ives Christmas. Write a rhyming poem that takes us back in time to a Currier & Ives kind of Christmas. (Google Currier & Ives if you aren't familiar with them.) Think simpler times, family oriented. Togetherness. No cell phones, video games or TV.

Words to use: harness, candle, envelope, stick
Forbidden words: auto, car, TV, cellphone, video, computer, internet,

For some reason, these prompts bring out my dark side.

Picture Perfect Christmas

 Frosty snowbound village
with garland all around
cozy candle lit cottages
where love of family abounds.

Enveloped in Christmases of old
were homemade gifts and sweets
and sleigh bells in the narrow streets.
Holiday sights and sounds untold.

Every person went to church
Currier and Ives sold a brand
A cardinal watches from his perch.
Were things really all that grand?

Kids enjoyed a sticky taffy pull
and snow ball fights for sure
a practice still secure
and on the farm, dared tip a bull.

A well worn harness hangs
on the rustic stable wall
next to the old mare’s stall,
there’s pens to muck before supper clangs.

Nostalgia for the good old days
when life was simpler then
you know, "Good will to men" when
seen through a rosy haze.

No people of color do you see
or derelicts, drunks or gays.
They don’t fit this idealic way
around the Victorian tree.

The truth is life was hard
in this picture perfect note
and women couldn’t even vote
when grandma cooked with lard.
                  ~~Judi Van Gorder

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Ring Joyful
Form used, Glosa

"day 20" Theme: Bells. Could be bells or belles. Door bells, church bells, 'with bells on,' --any kind of bells--but used in conjunction with Christmas
Required words: stargazing, meander, etiquette, break, jump, ring.
Forbidden words: fly, wing, chime.
Additional parameters: any form (state form with link to how that form works) as long as it is at least 24 lines long. (Do a double or triple if necessary!)

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Notes: ▼

Day 21 Theme: Anniversary. Write about 'an' anniversary...any kind of anniversary... 3rd Christmas together, wedding, a wdc anniversary … perhaps a cancer free date or x years at a job.
Words to use: the year of the anniversary and what it is.
Forbidden words: All words are good because each scenario is different.
Additional parameters: At least 40 lines. Make us want to go 'awww...sniff...smile'

Happy Anniversary Babe

It was just a couple
of weeks ago,
November 30, 2018
we celebrated
our wedding anniversary,
well sort of.

It was a quiet
just the two of us.
It had rained
all day,
I had to go
into the office
so I was tired.
Bob said we
should go out
for dinner
but I didn't
want to.
So we stayed in,
it was a night
like most every other

A far cry
from 55 years ago,
and the hustle and bustle
of a formal wedding.
I say that quite
my slipper satin
gown had a bustle,
the train
pulled up into
a bubble on my butt
for dancing
later on.

The event
was just that,
a full Catholic Mass,
a gaggle of bridesmaids,
300 guests,
sit down dinner,
a four tiered cake,
a live band
and an open bar.

A new beginning
after just one
week before,
with the assassination
of President Kennedy
and the death
of one of our groomsmen
in an auto accident
the same day.
We were putting mourning
behind us
and starting a new life.

And life goes on,
quieter now, simpler now,
more comfortable now.
         ~~Judi Van Gorder

60 Lines
PS. We did go out and celebrate with friends of 50 years two days later. We are old but not so old we can't still have fun.

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Day 22

Notes: ▼
Theme: Shopping for the perfect Christmas Present, you meander in to an old antique store you've never noticed before. Time has no meaning here and you wander, entranced, by the items you see artfully displayed in old trunks or balanced precariously on dusty shelves. Antique furniture, jewelry piled as if in Aladdin's cave, musty old books, elegant hats of some long forgotten era. What do you find? Why is the cat (?)watching you? Why does the proprietor seem oddly familiar? Do you venture up the stairs to the second floor? Why do the wide wooden floorboards creak sounding like an old carol? Do you look out through the fogged windows to see outside and if so, does it look the same? Using some of these details, and more you come up with on your own as you wander in your mind's eye, take us on a descriptive journey to your finding that ultimate gift. Will it be as intended?

Words to use: piquant, befuddle, ring, set, cobweb, feather, gloss, spectacles, at least a four syllable word starting with the letter E.
Forbidden words: shop, store, buy, gift
Additional parameters: details, descriptive phrasings, find more than a simple gift. At least 48 lines, rhyming or not.

Curiouser and Curiouser

I enter the hobbit-like domain
of antiques and curiosities.
This peculiar place
is out of the way, almost hidden.

I peruse, glass topped
ornately carved display cases
and witness
crooked wire spectacles
from another era,
a moldy, mauve feather boa
that makes me sneeze,
an oriental yellowed-ivory chess set
that my son would love,
and a tiny gold baby ring.

On a shelf
next to the counter
is perched
a delicate, porcelain dove.
No, that's not it,
I need a more piquant find,
something unique, something memorable.

Toward the back of the room
there is a doorway
shielded by a glitzy beaded
curtain that tinkles
as I pass through.
Unlike the well lit outer room,
this one is dim
illuminated by only a stuttering
florescent lamp.
Cobwebs decorate the corners
and a once glossy teak table
is covered in dust.
Boxes are stacked
precariously at odd angles
in befuddled disarray.

With excruciating
and meticulous, endeavor
I begin to comb
through the boxes
closest to the light.
One must have been the property
of an apothecary.
Blue bottles, a scale,
stone mortar and pestle,
what stories
these could tell.
Another belonged to a military man,
old medals,
tarnished and forgotten.
Thank you for your service.

Who knows how long I searched
with no success
but I know it is here.
I will return tomorrow
to continue my quest..
            ~~ Judi Van Gorder

59 lines

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Day 23

Theme: Your favorite or most memorable Christmas. Be descriptive and let us in on the backstory as to the why it stands out in memory.
Words to use: Any and all you wish 🙂
Forbidden words: Free day 🙂
Additional parameters: at least 48 lines.

Merry Christmas To All

Haven't we been down
this road before?
Of my 76 Christmases
what's my most memorable?
I honestly don't know. They blur
together until a comment
a photo, a song or a person,
something draws me back.

So I'll simply
share my 77th with you,
which hasn't yet happened,
but only one week away
so things are fresh
in my memory. Favorite,
probably not,
but who knows, I'm alive,
my family is well
and I'm truly
grateful for each day
and Christmas
just takes it up a notch.

Since my son married
and made his home
500 miles away
I've gone south
to watch my grandkids
experience the wonder
that is Christmas each year.
It's easier and cheaper
for two people to travel
than a family of six.
A few years ago
they planned
a trip north
to spend the holiday here
and my son ended up
in the hospital,
again I went south
and obviously
their trip was cancelled.

He was a motor cop
at the time
and he was hit by a car
merging into his lane
where he was pursuing
a speeder at 75 miles
an hour with full lights
and sirens but she
didn't see him.
They had to pry
the bill of his helmet
from the asphalt.
That was a scary one,
but he survived,
he's just fine, still a cop
but plain clothes now
an expert in vehicle theft,
chop shops, undercover ops
and surveillance.
I told him he lives
a real live TV show.

This year I'm staying home
and so are my son and grandkids.
I'm hosting a Christmas brunch
for my brother and another couple.
I'm still planning the menu
and additional decorations,
its kind of fun to change it up.
I'll go to Midnight Mass
in my own parish,
which I haven't done for a long time,
husband won't make it that late.
We'll facetime the kids
on Christmas morning
and enjoy a low key celebration.

Then a few quiet days
before we'll be invaded
by our grandchildren
and their parents
for a full week.
A promise of chaos, noise,
adventure and lots of love.
On second thought, this just may
end up being my favorite.
                   ~~Judi Van Gorder

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Notes: ▼

Day 25

"December 16 prompt (don't know the day)" Prompt for: December 16, 2018 (Ren)
Subject or Theme: Christmas Future ~ a narrative and a poem!
Word(s) to Include: Any type of timepiece: clock, timer, phone, watch, etc. Please note what you use at the bottom. Must be used in the both narrative and poem.(or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): Future (or any derivatives of these words)
Additional Parameters: Write a narrative about a future Christmas. It must be at least 250 words (give word count). Then using that narrative, write a poem. At least 28 lines. Do not use exact lines from the narrative. Make the poem poetic.
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

Journal Entry December 25, 2041

The calendar marks another Christmas, 100 years from that of my birth. Gratefully my mind is still here. The body may be checking out however. The number of years left for me is in question. But I believe love and the written word live on.

calendared pages
declare another Christmas
on this day of hope
I share the Father's promise
through my actions and my words

Despite our world's forward progress into technology induced isolation, the Christmas promise of hope and salvation is still renewed this day. Winding the timepiece backward, I've watched as the ice man brought the block of frozen water and placed it in a box to keep our bottle of milk cold. I've helped chop and split wood to cook our meals on wood burning stoves. The ice is melting and our forests are burning.

timepiece wound backward
nature's ice and wood supply
simple solutions
for preservation and heat
planet now in jeopardy

I've turned the round dial on a clunky black phone and listened to the ticking sound as the dial returned to position and worked with pencil and paper to calculate the mathematic equations to determine my clients insurance premiums. I built a business by visiting peoples homes, sitting across their dining table and getting to know who they are and what their needs were. In turn the season was met with cards, homemade cookies, jams and wines.

clunky telephone
pencil, paper, face to face
caring for others
gifts of cookies and jellies
season of celebration

Today the world spins by my surgically enhanced eyes so fast, my laser vision still can't keep up. The fridge passes prepared nourishment, on schedule, to a plate for consumption, a dinner bell rings. Communication is permanently imbedded behind my left ear and linked to my right eye, so I see and hear and communicate at the touch of my ear lobe. And the public is lulled by corporate greed to believing the automated voice saying, "buy this, buy that, buy, buy, buy", cares. The promise of the season buried deeper and deeper under consumer landfill.

crispy salad plate
juicy red pomegranate
bells chime a welcome
family still gathers to feast
gift exchange waits 'til later

We can no longer depend solely on a child in a manger born 2000 years ago. He has passed the mantel, it is up to us to carry his message. Cherish the earth we were commissioned to care for, walk in the shoes of our brother and reach out and touch our neighbor.

earth and sky and sea
living proof of agape
gifted to our care
love our neighbor as ourselves
pass on the message of hope

Artists paint, singers sing, healers nurture and poets write. Until I can no more, I will use my gift to proclaim the living message of the season.

St. Luke wrote these words,
"Peace on earth good will to men."
sage words to live by
                        ~~Judi Van Gorder

Prose 371 words.
Poem 5 tankas followed by 1 haiku = 28 Lines

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Day 26

42 Lines
side note: The name of the street I've lived on for 55 years is "Joy Road".

Theme: If I Owned a Toy store. What types of toys? What would it be like? Magical? Scientific? What would it look like? Who runs it? Where is it? 

Words to use: silly string, rhinocerous - or another 4+ sylable animal, read, purple, a number like 10 or 506, Store's Name, alphabet, a specific children's book title and author, a childhood character not associated with the book title you use, price

}Forbidden words: buy, purchase, money, coin, afford, dollars - not even implied with a $ sign, no form of money as in lira, dimes, pounds , etc.
Additional parameters: Must rhyme, minimum of 36 lines
Tinker's Toy Academy

Welcome, step right in
join with me, let's begin.
Right here on windy Joy Road
we just received a brand new load.
Toys of every kind for everyone
who loves to play and treasures fun. 

From slimy, gooey silly string
to a giant playground swing.
And of course, what can be grander
than a green, fake salamander?
Over there are crying baby dolls
and bins and bins of colorful balls.

Sit right down in this little nook
you can find adventure inside a book.
Read the antics of Junie B.
or runaway and sail out to sea
in "Where the Wild Things Are",
the book earned Maurice Sendak 5 big stars.

Here imagination rules the day,
in this charming castle you can play.
Don a royal purple cape
or change into another shape
with horns and tongues of fire
anything your heart desires. 

We reserve a special section
for priceless fun with education.
Teach your child their A B Cs,
with black and yellow alphabet bees,
or line up the animals of Noah's Ark
count them 2 by 2 before they embark. 

And if your taste runs to the techy
we have gaming from chaste to the sketchy.
There is Minecraft and Fortnite or worse,
dependent on skill level, age and purse.
We don't recommend you make it a habit,
try virtual change from monster to rabbit.  

But whether you're naughty or nice,
there is no need to think twice.
Whenever you wander around
to the wizard's side of town,
please look for the sign, Tinker's Toys
a shop for every age, girls and boys.  
                   ~~Judi Van Gorder

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From the Heart


20 Lines

"day 27"  nw.gif

Theme: Sad Santa. Santa's been all 'round the world and every single deserving person on his journey has gotten one of Santa's gifts. But he has just discovered that he still has one small gift left in the bottom of his pack. He doesn't know what to do! Cannot give it to the world. It doesn't contain a cure for any disease, it can't make everyone nice, isn't money and it can't bring world peace. It isn't an embodiment of hope or joy. 

It is a concrete thing that can be placed in a box, wrapped and given. While not necessarily a toy, it is something one can hold in their hands. Who gets it? Why? What is it? What will make Santa happy? Hurry, dawn is approaching and Santa must give out everything in his pack before the first rays of the sun break the horizon.

Words to use: precious, tear, eyebrow, fold
Forbidden words: none today

Additional parameters: Rhyming - must use at least 3 'slant' rhymes, descriptive, at least 15 lines.

Stanzaic Form Used: The Tennyson is a stanzaic form patterned after Ask Me No More by English poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson (1802-1892). The elements of the Tennyson are: 
  1. stanzaic, written in any number of cinquains. 
  2. metric, iambic, L1-L4 are pentameter and L5 is dimeter.
  3. rhymed, envelope rhyme scheme abbaC deedC fggfC etc. 
  4. written in with L5 as a refrain repeated from stanza to stanza.

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Write a poem about change:

Black Beauty

With minimal crystal
the vicious molten magma
beneath the earth's crust
rises to the surface
to spew volcanic ash
and ravenous, crimson lava
down and out
to flow over
unwilling terrain
and into the sea
quickly cooling to create
jagged rock formations.
With time the spikes
and splinters
of the dense mass
become glassy,
black and brittle,

The sharp edges
ideal to cut and slice
with precision.
The mirrored surface,
a shiny bauble,
the perfect contrast
to luminous skin.

nature's jet-black beauty.
                                ~~Judi Van Gorder

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Notes ▼

"day 28"

Theme: write a poem for Christmas morning for someone to find in the toe of their stocking. Someone real. Mom, dad, your child, spouse, sibling, partner, best friend or grandparent. Be real, honest and make them smile. Write from your heart. Show emotion! (And then consider actually doing this! Did it one year for everyone. Happy tears and the highlight of the morning!)

Words to use: Their first name or mom etc.
Forbidden words: the, of, for, to, you, me, my, we, with, from .... only kidding....use whatever words express your heart.
Additional parameters: rhyming or not, Min 24 lines of love.

Dear Trinity,

Merry Christmas
Standing on the cusp
of womanhood
your possibilities
are endless.
Keep your eyes wide open,
explore each opportunity,
and always stay true to yourself.

Life is an adventure
to be embraced
Live with the same fearlessness
you display
on the soccer field.
Train your body and mind
and when you are in the game
trust your teammates
and play balls out.

There are going to be
many difficult challenges ahead,
life is not easy,
meet it head on,
don’t ignore or try to
sidestep adversity,
It’s in the hard times
that we discover ourselves.
Failure is your friend,
it takes you one step
closer to success.

Always know
you are loved,
you are beautiful,
you have a good heart
and if you put forth the effort
in time, all things
will come to you.

Believe in yourself
as I believe in you
my love will live in you
beyond my time.
I depend on you
to carry it forward.

Love, Grandma Darlin'

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"day 29-edited"  nw.gif
Theme:Bah Humbug! There's this marvelous room over here where one can (temporarily) crawl in, slam the door and, without getting into any trouble at all, let out all the holiday frustrations, people getting on your nerves (no names, now!) and just 'stuff' in general that is spazzing you out! There's things in here you can smash to smithereens (and will be magically repaired later) and throw at walls. Just a place to rant and get it out of your system so you can go back to being your normal, marvelous, holiday self!

Words to use: I want to hear things crashing and banging. I want to see stuff smashed to smithereens! What do you smash, bash and crash? How? With what?

If you rant and rave against a person … that person's name will be Cruella D'Vile or Ginchly Mc Green.
Against a company, use: Scrooge-a-zon.
Against a 'thing' - what ever the thing is.

Remember, all things broken will be fixed and it isn't 'really' that company or person you decimate, it's allllll in your mind. Walking out of the room, and all is as it was, you've just released the tension. 🙂

Rhyming or not, at least 28 lines, and go get rid of some tension 🙂

The Ginch Who Tried to Steal Christmas

Slamming the door behind me
I shut out cheer and care
and enter my very own pity
party. Follow if you dare.

I crumple into a heap
upon the dusty floor
"You sow what you reap"
Oh Ginchy, hear me roar.
I smash the looking glass
into splintering shards.
Your effigy I punch and bash
and shred your business cards.

Don't tell me what to do.
Gender doesn't make you right.
I'm the pro, not you.
Get the F*** out of my sight.

I've tried to play it cool
with diplomacy and more
but won't wade the cesspool,
you're such an ignorant bore.

I'd love to tear asunder
each narcissistic limb.
Don't spew it was a blunder.
I'll not be your victim.

So here I wail and flail
throwing caution to the wind
I may end up in jail
in thought at least I've sinned.
                  ~~ Judi Van Gorder

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Notes: ▼ Last Day of the Winter Construct Cup Challenge
Pick and link one of the poems you've already written. Then either write a totally new poem following the prompt or significantly edit original as new item.

Molly’s First Christmas

She joined
our home months
ago, her kitten play
charmed all.
In my memory
I don’t recall
ever owning one
quite as entertaining.
She can be sleeping
like the dead
one second
and the next dancing
across the kitchen floor
on her hind legs.

Now with Christmas looming
the tree went up
glorious in lights
and silver shiny globes
and instantly
it came down
toppled by a flying cat
clinging to its branches.
Tinsel scattered
and ornaments tumbled
gratefully only one shattered
into tiny sparkling shards.
Molly peeked out
from between flocked branches
wide eyed wonder
wrapping up my heart
for many Christmases to come.
                  ~~Judi Van Gorder

30 Lines
A totally different poem with a more cheery Christmas theme. A little more personal.
"When the Light Went Out" For "Day 7"

Theme: Shattered Ornament
Words to use: shard, dance, memory, heart
Forbidden words: the word 'a', bounce, roll, crash, red, green, broken
Additional parameters: At least 20 lines.

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Don't want to break the momentum.   Quick break for Christmas but something easy today.   Write a poem in 24 syllables using the word "after"

Boxing Day
a British phenomenon
arrives the day after Christmas.
Boxed gifts for charity.

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Another 24 syllable challenge. Write a poem in 24 syllables including the word "fledgling".

Leaving the Nest

Fledgling rider,
places foot in stirrup,
gets boost from the rear,
straddles the saddle,
eager to fly.


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Prompt:  Share what Psalm 23 means to you.  (I found this prompt at on a Christian Forum and it spoke to me so I share it here.)

The Night the Bears Roamed



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Repetion is commonly found in in many poetic forms, but none more than in the Pantoum.  Write a Pantoum:

Aloha, Hello-Goodbye

Aloha, come to our island paradise, 
Welcome houli, it’s the place to be.
Breathe the scent of jasmine and spice.
Rest in the shade of the kukui nut tree.

Welcome houli, it’s the place to be. 
Sway to the strum of the ukulele,
Rest in the shade of the kukui nut tree,
Caution, avoid the rumblings of Pele.

Sway to the strum of the ukulele
Grass skirted lovelys hula with grace
Caution, avoid the rumblings of Pele.
Surf’s up, shoot the curl, enjoy the chase.

Grass skirted lovely’s hula with grace
Breathe the scent of jasmine and spice
Surf’s up, shoot the curl, enjoy the chase.
Aloha, come back to our island paradise.
                             ~~Judi Van Gorder

16 Lines
Mahalo (thank you) for reading my simple poem. Hawaiian language is very phonetic.
Aloha Ah - low- ha means hello or goodbye - depends on whether you are coming or going.
Houli - how- oo- lee. - non Hawaiian.
Kukui - koo- koo-ee The state tree, brought to the islands with the Polynesian immigration. The large nut has many uses from ornamental, oil., fuel etc. in the old days only Hawaiian royalty wore a lei (lay) of Kukui nuts.

I have a beautiful Kukui nut lei I inherited from my mother. No she was not Hawaiian royalty only a tourist willing to pay the price. I began taking hula lessons at the age of 8. I performed with 3 others through my teens all over the state of California. About 20 years ago I was on the island of Maui with friends in a local lounge and some locals were playing ukuleles and one Hawaiian woman began dancing, I couldn’t resist and i joined her in a vamp. They were all so surprised a Houli could dance like a native. It was a very fun night


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Prompt:  sapid

Letter Home

The sapid words he wrote
lingered lovingly on her tongue
and on her heart
as she read aloud.

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Prompt: 24 syllables using algid

Bitter Cold

The algid review froze her pen.
The frigid words began an avalanche
of doubt.
Winter will pass.

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Write a love poem talking about something else.

Surf’s Up

We touch
and from the darkest depth 
at the ocean’s floor
a rumbling, churning,
a tumbling, yearning,
begins climbing 
         to the surface.

A frothy surging sea 
builds to its crescendo 
changing colors
along the way.
Ineffable as it hangs . . . .
until it can hang no more
then curls 
         and rolls,
to crash upon the shore.
                   ~~Judi Van Gorder

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 24 syllables prompt: ineffable

sea green, frothy wave,
surges upward,
ineffable as it hangs . . .
then tumbles to shore.

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