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Poetry Magnum Opus

The Boy Who Loved Laughter

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Some silliness...

The Boy Who Loved Laughter

I saw him born and watched him grow,
a bright and funny boy I know.
He wanted to become a pro
in fun and laughter on the go.
A stand up comic he'd become
upon his banjo he would strum.

The boy preferred to dream at school,
and on occasion mocked the fool.
He made kids laugh and played it cool,
then sat upon a yellow stool
to bellow silly words that rhyme
to pass away the study time.

But finally he found the light,
he'd prep and study well at night.
In class he'd work with all his might
to learn enough to do things right.
Though laughter always turned a frown,
so he would ever be the clown.
                             ~~Judi Van Gorder

A La Charta using the prompt words preferred, fun, yellow and bright

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Judi, I don't find this silly at all. Though I didn't think it would appeal to me, when I read the poem it became apparent that it wasn't a children's poem (or about children), rather it was about a particular type of person. I liked this very much.


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Thanks Tony,  This is a form and prompt driven poem.  And it seemed silly to me until I had those 2 elements out of the way.  But then it turned on me and settled into a human nature study in a way.  I'm glad you liked it. 


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