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Poetry Magnum Opus

Saturday Morning

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Saturday Sleeping In

I slide from the warmth of my bed,
hardwood cold under foot,
and tie back the seafoam curtains
to welcome the morning light.

Remnants of winter linger outside,
Patches of snow tap down
the promise of Spring. Branches,
still bare, wait for a warmer day.
Looks like my neighbors slept in too.

Downstairs, I make myself a cup
of coffee then return.
I look at my lone bed stand
and brush my hand
across your untouched space
reminders that you are gone
from me forever.

I climb under
my still warm,
soft grey comforter
and prop my pillow to read
in the quiet calm.
~ ~ Judi Van Gorder

Prompt: Write a poem of perception using the details from this picture. Saturday Morning Sleeping In

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Thanks Badge,  The exercise was to include as many details from the photo as I could see and then embellish with my imagination to bring it home.  After this sits a while, I think I'll come back and trim it up. Not every detail need be mentioned in the finished poem away from the exercise.


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I, too, like the third stanza. It adds profundity to the picture that would otherwise resemble a still life.


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