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Poetry Magnum Opus

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 My Feline Friend

Sitting outside on my window sill, peering at me from the night;
His form is barely visible, yet, golden eyes glow from my light.
His pink mouth opens, teeth flash white, a silent meow he emits;
I blinked my eyes...he's suddenly gone, on the sill he no longer sits.

I turn off the light, letting darkness rule, and retreat to my soft, warm bed;
While I lay waiting for sleep to come, these thoughts passed through my head.
"Where do you go my feline friend, during the night, on soft padded feet?
I know you will return by morning light, to my door step...for me to greet.”

Inside...you will be off to the kitchen, to a bowl of milk by the sink;
Tasting it lightly, you will hunch down, and settle to a thirst-quenching drink.
When the bowl is empty, you will stretch, then tip toe across the floor,
To an oval rug by the big bay window, to perform your fur cleaning chore.

For the rest of the day you’ll cat nap, in the warmth of Autumn sun glow.
When night time shrouds the house again,out the door you will go.
Where do you go my feline friend, during the night when everyone's asleep?
Where in the nether world of darkness, on soft padded feet do you creep?"


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At first I thought it was a ghost cat, but it seems like this feline friend has a nice life. It gets to roam and (when it wants) to come home.

Tony ? ? ?

Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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