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Poetry Magnum Opus

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As it has been from time’s beginning... man predicted when the world would come to an end.

Some even calculated the time and date of its demise.

The Mayan calendar was the most recent method of creating anxieties in the world’s population.

Believe what you will, but when and if it does occur, mankind will not be able to determine the time of its destruction.

A Mayan’s Message 

For many years I told my people, our world was about to end
According to our Mayan calendar; destruction was around the bend.
On a round flat rock I carved a message, to explain this and that,
Of how our race got started, how we begot and we begat.

In its center through a hole, I tied a vine real tight,
Hoping someone in the future, would know how to read my write.
I gave it a lot of thought, where I could put this note;
Down by the river in a hollow tree; where I tied my dugout boat.
Five hundred years have past; Mayan people were in decline
A petrified tree still lingered, a dugout tied to it with a vine        
I traveled this river many times, not noticing this before
I saw a log like boat, beneath some trees along the shore.

Now, being I was curious, I looked into this odd craft.
Therein was a large flat rock, tied securely to the aft.
It had strange markings, I could not make them out
I took it to a museum, to see what it was about.

The curator studied it,  with a grin he finally said,
“If I read these glyph correctly, Mayans from long ago are dead;
I’m sorry, that's a poor joke, but there is more I see.”
“For years I told my people, our world will soon no longer be.

As Shaman I ascribed this message; our demise was around the bend.
I wanted to leave something behind, before it comes to an end.

The Curator added: “it’s five years later, my people are still around;
So I tied my message to my boat, to anchor it safe and sound.”


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It is ridiculous that people would try to predict the exact end of the world. Even more pitiable would be that the predictions cause anxiety in the masses. Perhaps the predictors are foretelling their own demise.


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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You mean there were instances of False News back then also? Hmmmmm.


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