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Poetry Magnum Opus

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Last night the wind
and rain, wailing
through the valley,
kept us awake.

Early morning,
runes of red light
across the stack
of silenced pines.

And now this ink,
corvus in flight,
an alphabet
scrawling portents.

You sneeze.
No songbird sings.
Our labrador barks
at something.

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Despite a welcome, comforting sense of isolation, an absence of other humans, I feel like I am there. Yes, there are omens, but they are illusory and invoke an alertness, a primal, healthy fear of the unknown, the future, etc. A very enjoyable read.


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Thanks Tony. Alertness, a keying into a world that we easily switch off in the concrete environment. I realise when walking in a forest why ancestors were less abstract in their belief systems.



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Badge, This is filled with wonderful imagery.  

"runes of red light".   I must look up the possibilities of the word "runes"  This phrase is so beautiful, it creates a visual as well as reads well out loud.

Love Labs,  is that fiction or do you really have one.  Our first dog was a Black Lab.   Any way, barks "at something" I get the generic "something" but I wonder if a more interesting word like "shadows"  or  "squirrel"  or "the rustling of a rodent"   I'm just thinking out loud.   I really like this poem.

I live in a forest, the keying into a world switched off in a concrete environment is natural to me.  In summer I often sleep outside on my deck and the sounds of critters close by and the vastness of the stars above transport me. The cry of a fox is like a woman screaming, the first time I heard it, it scared me.  It is a common sound at night through my bedroom window.     I haven't slept outside since I lost my dog last year however.  Something very assuring about the presence of a large dog at your side. 



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