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Poetry Magnum Opus

This is About

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Running with the Dead

(This is about)


This poem is about

Being awkward bookish

Frustrated fanciful and

Fuming this is about


Standing before Audience

Trying to speak truth

Before you know

yourself and the wanting


The Wanting

for something real

authentic but you

haven’t separated


Intensity from Love

Pain from Ecstasy

Experience from

Responsibility its


About finding my friends

And favorite authors

before dream had edged

into waking Wishing


For nuclear absolution

To be wiped clean

To remain comfortable

as violence transforms


From chronic to terminal

about holding onto stories

Tight tight their horizons

obscured the death


Of their species a moment

of celebration rather than loss

Dumbfounded jogging through

An old cemetary I saw our


Names repeated

An endless Liturgy

Echoing the antecedents

Of those I thought I knew


And started laughing

as the two hawks who

Landed told me You

Know nothing and


possibly, nothing too well

And so this is about

The Hare who was frightened

Running and hiding


Saying Silly Silly Boy

Your world is so fragile

Enjoy this hunt

chase magnificent




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Thanks Badge!


As I was formulating the piece, I suddenly saw the young new poet at the open mic, who feels obligated to preface the poem with an explanation or a signifier, and realized I had been doing that to an extent as well about the poem that was emerging. Heh;-)

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Juris, it's funny how by now some of us have been around long enough the benefit of hindsight. 😎 I tend not to preface, but I do love background info on artworks and enjoy when others give insight into what inspires them. 

I enjoyed how you expressed the various stages from knowing oneself, to the wanting, to the separating, to knowing too much, knowing "nothing too well." Sometimes I wonder if it would be desirable or beneficial to toggle back and forth between the stages.


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