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Poetry Magnum Opus

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Fly is Buddha

not his nature

or a eightfold

Refracted symbol

to be dropped

and discarded but



just like the silly language

plagued primates


Fly dressed in neon

effervescent splendour

does not worry his robes

will be spoiled by shit or

The Reapers rotten leavings

nor does he worry if he is

divine enough worthy

of a brief life unlike


Siddhartha’s disagreeable

diagnosis of existential disorder

his privileged fear of death Flies

Cry Holy Holy Holy transubstantiate

through the mesh of a well

designed swatter or submit

willingly to a lazy languid

pillowed and ballooned hand


With a nobel death sigh

a hardly registered

exoskeleton crack


If only the Sapien Bodhisattvas

had such clarity into the lineage

of  Infinite Succession

a buzz on my window

screen again.

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