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Poetry Magnum Opus
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It Begins

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It Begins

On this morning
after yesterday’s turkey
and pie,
I sigh
still stuffed
from last night
while my toes curl in pain
from standing hours
preparing the family feast.
i contemplate in my quiet
two teens
soon to be madly bugging me
to drive them to the mall.

A time honored tradition
perpetuated by
guardians of commerce
to lure bargain hunters
and gullible youth
to spend their coin
on perceived savings,
my girls have been
champing at the bit
to participate.
i can hear hurried footsteps
and laughter approaching.
The Christmas season begins.
              ~~Judi Van Gorder


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hi Tink

The commercial Christmas! Indulgence maximised in so many ways. I wonder, if the period became a time of fasting, then perhaps there would be a quiet for reflecting. Don't think that will happen!



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Haha Badge,  Nope, I think you are right.  I have to admit the prompt for the poem left me cold but I was at my son's for the Thanksgiving holiday and my granddaughters gave me the poem.  Of course I didn't have to drive anyone to the mall, the oldest, Trinity has her own car and took her sister.  But going shopping on Black Friday, which is the last thing I wanted to do, was the focus of Allexa's day. (Our "material girl")  Funny how different sisters can be.  Trinity is totally uninterested in material things and wanted to go the mall purely for social reasons.  She bought nothing.  Her younger sister came back with gifts for 3 of her family members and a couple of items for herself.  She was the driving force behind the excursion.

Thanks for reading, this is part of a daily prompt challenge for the next 30 days.  When I committed I had no idea what I was getting into.  Just thought it would be good to try and write something everyday.


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