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Poetry Magnum Opus

five fake poems

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Fake Souls

And Other Fake Things




Jake Cosmos Aller



Fake souls

Fake Jake

Fake Relationships

Fake Friends

Fake smiles

from my unpublished chapbook, "Fake Things" available on my web page https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com



ake Souls


In this hyper-materialist era

We find ourselves in

Is there such a thing as a true soul?


Or have we all become

Nothing but fake souls

The rights to our souls

Long ago sold


To the evil masters of the universe

The secret programmers

Of this cosmic video game

We all live in


            And our dear leader

            Donald Trump

            Has a fake soul


As he acts like he is robot

Trying to fake real human emotions

And usually failing miserably





Fake Jake

Many years ago

I proclaimed to the world

I was Jake


And I was not a fake

But I was the real deal


            But over the years

            I too have become fake

            And yes Jake

Is also nothing but a fake



Fake Relationships

In this modern world

Where everything seems fake

There are few genuine relationships left


Most relationships are market driven

How can this person help me

In my career or in life

What can I get from them

How can I use them for my advantage


And what do they want in return

And we are all nothing but personal brands

Competing all the time for the next gig job


And  romance

Has been reduced  to sexual lust

And nothing more


And few people want babies

Any more

Babies are expensive

And limit your ability

To compete for your next bed partner


And being real, telling people what we really think

Is usually a CLM – career limiting move so to speak

So, everyone hides their true feelings


And are resigned to living this fake life

In a world filled with fake people

I wonder if there are any real people left




Fake Friends

In this world of fake things

Where nothing is real


Nothing is authentic

And the market rules us all


There is no room

For real friendship


We are all using each other

To get ahead


So we pretend to be friends

All the time


Plotting against our so called friends

To get ahead


The market rewards the most vicious

Sociopathic values rule the market


Friendship is for wimps

And losers


Those winners end up

Alone all alone


For they have no real friends

But boy do they have real enemies


For in this fake world of ours

Perhaps hate is the one real emotion

That has survived




Fake Smiles

The old soul classic

Smiling faces got it right


“Smiling faces sometimes
Pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces
Of the evil that lurks within (can you dig it?)


Smiling faces, smiling faces, sometimes
They don't tell the truth
Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof


Oh, oh, yeah

Let me tell you

The truth is in the eyes 'cause the eyes don't lie, amen
Remember, a smile is just a frown turned upside down my friend
So, hear me when I'm saying

Smiling faces, smiling faces, sometimes, yeah
They don't tell the truth


Smiling faces, smiling faces tell lies and I got proof
(Beware) beware of the handshake
That hides the snake (can you dig it, can you dig it?)


I'm a-tellin' you beware of the pat on the back
It just might hold you back


Jealousy, (jealousy) misery (misery) envy (envy)


Boy did the singer get it right

In this world of fake things

Where the market rules us all


The art of the fake smile

Has been perfected


They say that many people

Have mastered the art of the fake smile


Where you smile

and pretend to like someone


your victim

does not suspect


that the smile

is because you are thinking

of stabbing them in the back


oh yes in a world of fake people

beware, beware of smiling faces


Five Fake Souls.docx

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Welcome, Jake. I love the poems in this "Fake" series, especially "Fake Friends." Of course, I did visit your website before you joined. After all, I had to make sure you aren't really "Fake Jake," that you're the real deal. :wink: Your site is thought provoking and your background intriguing. 

"Fake Smiles" has musicality and reads like a song. Can you dig it?!? I'm taken back to Cyrus from "The Warriors," and I love it! I'm excited that you've joined.

Tony :happy:


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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Hi Jake,  Thanks for joining us here and welcome.  I almost missed you over her where usually only badger posts. 

In this  series of poems Fake Smile sounds most like a song.  You cleverly use cliche as  a literary tool rather than something to avoid.  .  I’ll have to visit your. website.  


~~ © ~~ Poems by Judi Van Gorder ~~

For permission to use this work you can write to Tinker1111@icloud.com

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