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Poetry Magnum Opus


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A tree and it's reflection-watch hands worn
by the earth as it's future ghost demands change
and the wind to stop blowing against shadows.
Is the moon alarmed about the rising tides?-like the
breath of the angel of death getting closer to the
ear of mankind.
Can we whisper leaves back onto trees to give them
a voice out of season.
The ghost of a rain-forest walks
with a stick, can we make eyes of the carved head see 
patterns in the clouds and history. Rain is filtered through
an angel's eyes as it previews the removal of the gold ring
from nature's bandaged finger placed there by pirates plundering
the natural world.

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Hi Barry,   I like this nature poem.  So many good images.  I love the personification of the moon.  High tides and right now in Cali, monster waves.  I'm driving out the coast today (it is 15 minutes from my home)  just to wave watch from the cliffs.  Not smart to go down to the beaches right now although I know I will encounter surfers.  

"rain is filtered through an angel's eyes"   nice


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The wind blowing against shadows could inspire a poem of its own.

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