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Devil's Bridge

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Devil's Bridge                                                                                      Devil's Bridge Wales.jpg

A devil's pact as it is told,
he'd help build a bridge, for first soul
to traverse the viaduct bold.
So goes the ancient folk story.

Strong bodies and masons of stone
with fieldstone and hard granite honed,
cut and fit rock, worked to the bone.
A labor from hell to glory

Once done, the devised, dry-stone span
arched over the  river as planned,
now for the payback of one man.
Who will be consiliatory?

A goat is baited by thrown bread
to step upon the bridge instead.
the devil raged, he was misled.
in the end, complicitory.

Today the arched stone bridge still stands,
a testament to grit and bands
of like minded folks joining hands.
Out witting the signatory.
                 ~~Judi Van Gorder


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Thanks for the link Badge.   I never saw that article while searching and I actually zeroed in on Wales because of the "Devil's Bridge" tale.   I had not read the dog one though.  I love exploring these bits of history.  These bridges are beautiful.  I'm glad I followed the prompt.  


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