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For those who remember Waxwings

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Someone from a discontinued, poetry forum just asked me if I had run into Ike Sarma AKA Waxwings lately.  I have asked about him here and emailed him a few times in the last 4 years and gotten no response.   I decided to do a search on line and found a blurb about him that listed (1931 - 2015) which would indicate to me that he has died.   The heritage site has his name, date of birth and location in Minnesota correct but it says he was Native American Indian and religion Hindu, which he was not.  He was blonde, I've seen photos and has often spoken of being born and growing up in Latvia.  So I don't know if I should believe he died or not.  But I think his death is probably true because we communicated by email over the last 15 years on a fairly regular basis and then nothing the last 4 years.


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