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How do you navigate the site? It's entirely possible that some (even many) members simply bookmark one forum (e.g. Member Poetry) and use only the bookmark to check in. That's fine if that's all a member wants to do, but I'm afraid members might miss out on opportunities that may be available elsewhere on the site if that's the extent of their visits. One thing you may have noticed is the "Menu Bar." That's the bar near the top of the site where you navigate to different areas. Of course, on PMO, the forums are most popular and active, but there are other areas of the site where activity can take place, and participation in those areas might also suit members' needs. Here's the Menu Bar:


menu bar.png


I do rearrange the Menu Bar from time to time, but essentially it's where you can navigate to various areas of the site.

1. The Forums: self-explanatory. That's where you post your poems and discuss your works and the works of others.

2. Clubs -- that's where this "Club" for members is located, and where you can start a club of you own if you need one.

3. "Our Picks" is a new feature I recently activated. It allows me to promote content from anywhere in the forums that might deserve special attention.

4. Blogs is where there are already some Blogs. There's a blog for @Tinker, a PMO "General Discussion Blog," and a Blog for Members to Promote their works published elsewhere.

5. Online Users is where you can see a list of online users and what they're up to in the moment. Perfect for stalking your favorite PMO characters. :ph34r::laugh::rolleyes:

6. "The PMO Front Page" is a place where I hope to feature more quality content if when I get more active. Read and comment.

7. The "Activity" tab -- the one at the beginning of the Menu Bar is a terrific feature I use all the time. Click on it to see a list of the most recent activity on the site. You can filter views to see your content, unread content, etc.

Get to know the layout of the site. When you do, you'll probably be able to think of ways to make the site more beneficial to you.


Here is a link to an index of my works on this site: tonyv's Member Archive topic

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