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Do you want the "reactions" feature enabled?

Do you want to see the "reactions" feature enabled?  

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  1. 1. Do you want to see the "reactions" feature enabled?

    • Yes, I see no harm in it, and it could even be beneficial by encouraging more involvement.
    • No, this isn't social media. It's unprofessional. This is a writing forum, and we're here to write, not to click "LIKE."

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This feature has been available for a while, and I have been tempted to activate it on occasion. Essentially, reactions would be available at the bottom of each post and look something like this:


You click the one you choose, if you so desire. The reactions accumulate at the bottom of the respective posts in a collapsed form, and you can click on the icon(s) to see who reacted how. It's somehow tied in with a "reputation" feature, but I don't think I have to enable that. In any case, it's no big deal.

I usually vote first whenever I create a poll, but I still don't know how I feel about this one. Personally, I'm leaning towards "no." I've always seen PMO as a serious writing forum, and it would seem that participants should be encouraged to write, not just click "like." On the other hand, participants who are inclined to write will probably continue to do so anyway, and perhaps those who are lazier would be inclined to participate more if given this commonplace feature.

I'm not sure what I'll do about activating this feature. No matter what, I want this site to remain elegant and professional. If I decide to activate this and determine in the future that this feature degrades the site, I'll deactivate it. I'm looking for member input in the form of votes and/or comments. 

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