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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 9

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Day 9

The weather
Oh yes the weather
we talk about it less
complain about it more

after the scheduled
apocalypse did not BURST
rather unfolding in slow
sensuous lines revealing
the Truth about who and what
we are not by Firework by
Shadowed impressions
Scientific divinations
foretell  radical

Avoidance as the art of not
going blind The Weather
Oh yes The Weather

manifests in my soft tissues
not just the joints We have
become Lightning Rods
Energy Released
Needs to Ground!

The Weatherman says
and despite
Sunny skies
a gentle

Feel the Thunderheads
no longer bound by 5 senses
Living as waiting for the STRIKE
electrical discharge before the BOOM
Modernity’s insulation has worn thin
feral currents harbingers of swift
and certain transformations.

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