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Poetry Magnum Opus

Day 16 ' Herding Cats'

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Herding Cats


If not me who?

So the story goes

a young monk after walking

Tenthousand steps leagues

or Things depending on the language

and it's evolutionary epoch arrives at the

monastery to find the abbot who being north

of at least Onehundred if not Two washing

mushrooms in the courtyard  he said

in the way of the young ‘Why Baba

Why Honored Elder Why Buddha

Why are you Why are you

Washing the mushrooms?’


And the man

who was a Bodhisattva

looked up with pupils as wide

as the New Moon and Mad Mad

madly said ‘Never take old monks to

a convention they are used to the Absolute

on a schedule and it's like herding cats

through Gatelessgates of their

own devising’


upon hearing this

we see the Truth

and respond

‘If not you

than Who

but me?’

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