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  2. The bald man

    Thanks Tony. I was thinking of two, but there is a unity of experience. best Phil
  3. My Morning Walk

    Enjoyed Tink. Watched a Blackbird enjoying some berries on my walk yesterday. Of course, in these days of global warming, winter has arrived late. Sad that warmer winters mean many animals do not hibernate properly, and so use up more energy, and do not survive. best badge
  4. My Morning Walk

    My Morning Walk Soggy earth littered with leaves joins the crisp air smelling of pine, greens, yellows and reds cling to a low hanging limb that grieves the loss of summer sunshine. Volunteer crocus bloom, the delicate blossom in white shaped like bells that ching. I pick some for my bedroom they're such a pretty sight. Holly berries attract some birds even so the red against deep green remind me what Christmas will bring I stumble for extraordinary words to express thanks for all I've seen. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  5. The bald man

    Well composed, Phil. I picture a babushka, worn down by a hard life. It could be a couple, but are the old woman and old man one and the same? Tony
  6. Feathered blood

    I, too, think that this is one of your best. Lovely winter imagery, the epitome of December in the northern hemisphere. Tony
  7. Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    Wow, Tink. I didn't realize your previous haiku was based on a real experience. I'm glad you're finally getting back to normal. some days are like that if it can go wrong, it will best to stay in bed
  8. You and I

    Thanks, Tink. I agree that centering can be gimmicky, but I thought it worked here because of the major differences in line length.
  9. Feathered blood

    Barry, The imagery is awesome. Great title. This in my opinion is one of your best. ~~Tink
  10. You and I

    Wow Dee, I really enjoyed reading this. Nice frame for a touching poem. I even felt the centering added to the content when usually I think of centering as distracting and gimmicky. ~~Tink
  11. I Miss You

    Rhyme Guy, I agree with Dee, the end was clever and surprising but at the same time awkward and unnecessary. To that point it was a beautiful poignant poem. And by the way, we miss you here. Haven't seen you posting for some time now. ~~Tink
  12. Sometimes It Gets Better

    It is that, poetry, always welcome here. Thanks for the tag. I love it when I can link poetry written in form to the articles describing the history and elements of that form. ~~Tink
  13. Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    Haha, you are just about right on. What a mess. My left hand has the brace off now but isn't as flexible or strong as it was, yet. I felt the cup slipping from my hand as I unlocked my Agency and lunged for my office manager's desk which was closest, thinking I could put it down there. But didn't make it. Unfortunately she had the day off so I was alone to clean up the mess and at the same time try to field phone calls. Luckily no clients came into the office until I had finally cleaned it all up and was functioning in my own office. I also had coffee spots all over the front of my blouse and thought to run home at lunch and change but instead ended up working all day, no lunch break, pulling my blazer over the spots when clients stopped by. no lunch break today quotes, questions and claims, nonstop some days are like that ~~jvg Not complaining, I'm grateful I'm still able to run my Agency and help others. Hand out of brace. My 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments ended Thursday. I'm feeling energized and ready to get back to living my life on my terms.
  14. Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    coffee floods desktop important papers ruined no lunch break today
  15. Sometimes It Gets Better

    Thanks, Tink. It's already tagged. I wrote it some ago for a Writing.com challenge. And I figured, hey, it's poetry. Why not post it on a poetry site.
  16. Sometimes It Gets Better

    Nice Dee. The Balassi Stanza is a classic form that is little known and often overlooked. It works well with the content. ~~Tink If you tag it with "balassi" the poem will link up with the article in the reference section on the balassi stanza. Thanks.
  17. Instapoets

    Honestly, I think I have seen my 14 year old granddaughter "share" the first one on Instagram. I didn't think poetry, I thought words of wisdom with a doodle. I didn't bother to find out who the author of the quote was. I don't think of these as poetry but as slogans for life. The kids are finding them and sharing them on social media. Not just kids, I see this type of slogan with a visual shared by motivational sites and by friends of all ages, mostly women. ~~Tink
  18. Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    day begins poorly when large Latte drops from hand coffee floods desk top ~~jvg
  19. Feathered blood

    A red kite rests on it's watchtower,a bare tree as it faces winter's dourstare. The woods yearn for springto restore rapture, branches movemiming to the wind's music.December rests on winter's branches.The tawny owl has a ticket to hide, it'sprimal call cannot match the wind'sdialect discovering it has not tongue.The frost is like the woods haunting itself.trees can only surmise which images arecollected by rain enraptured eyes of birdssitting on branches. Winter's ghost joins it'scolleagues testing them for answers aboutsprings arrival and the survival of life here.Clouds are the ghosts of leaves coursing withthe trees feathered blood. Rain falls like wordsof instruction for life in the woods. A crow is aneye patch for winters last light. Blades of grassare an audience with a seasonal pass as theycry for light.
  20. The bald man

    She saw a man shovel snowflakes and confetti into a skip. Not a big job, not a headache she thought. And yet his weathered scalp gathered the glint of hard labour. That sweat, a melt like frost on oak, led to her tears: a daft half-hour for both, the bald woman and bloke.
  21. church bells

    In the wake of too many mass shootings, my first thought was that this referred to one of those. I absorbed the words without counting syllables, and didn't even notice the haiku form. Unless the writer is meeting a requirement to use a specific form, I think the power of the words should override the importance of the form. And I surprise myself with that attitude, because I enjoy following specific forms. Guess I'm just feeling cantankerous.
  22. Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    morning dew wets fur matted stinky mess of hair day begins poorly
  23. Eric and the owl

    I think this very readable, imaginative story would benefit from more full-stops. I've given an example above. best badge
  24. You and I

    Thanks, Tony. I grew up in central NY, but my wife and I have lived in Franklin, MA for 24 years (after 15 years bouncing from Boston to Framingham, Watertown, Sharon, and Norfolk). And coffee/brunch sounds good. Dan
  25. Earlier
  26. Eric and the owl

    A delve into the realm of fantasy, Barry? I have zero experience with the genre, but I'm glad this one has a happy ending. Tony
  27. Sometimes It Gets Better

    There's something to be said for persistence. It all worked out. Tony
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