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  2. I wasn't going to get involved in the wonderful world of ezines, so many disappear, but succumbed...a short one: http://www.streetcakemagazine.com/uploads/2/4/7/1/24713274/issue_52__2_.pdf best Phil
  3. Last week
  4. fog on mountain top but lyrics in the wind sing a blue sky promise
  5. we stop to listen to the voice of the West wind fog on mountain top
  6. Welsh wood diner a song of Wren so close-by we stop to listen
  7. A chilling contrast Geoff - a contrast to the imaginative world conjured by firelight - minds chained by technology.
  8. Thanks Tink. I think you're right. Will ponder some more. best badge
  9. Thanks Geoff and Tink. I feel that some of the choices made in revising came from reading Tony's poems. all the best badge
  10. Thank you very much for sharing your response Tink. It made me glad that I shared the poem. best badge
  11. That is how I understood it, I'm right there with you. I too come from that past and I have embraced the digital world of my grandchildren. It has helped me stay connected to them. Much of it joyful but also there are those serious moments. It is a different world in some ways much better but so much has been lost and in some ways the new world is much worse.
  12. Friday traffic rushes to begin weekend flowered field ignored
  13. Thanks Tink. My first stanza is written in the past tense and meant as a reflection of how the world was presented to a child. The second stanza written in present tense, is that of the same child, now a grandparent-- musing of how very much the times have changed. Geoff.
  14. I read the poem without paying attention to the title and didn't get it. it was a puzzle to me. Then I looked up and saw the title and the light turned on. Interesting images, good delivery but something is missing. ~~Tink
  15. Haha Tony, Thanks for the dinner music. The recipe is something I learned from my Mom, it was never written down. It was a quick, cheap, hearty dish that can grow if extra people drop by unexpectedly. I used to make it a lot when my son was home and he was always bringing home hungry friends. Teen boys eat a lot and this was the perfect dish. My son taught it to my daughter-in-law and she fixes it all of the time. They have 4 kids and the 2 teen girls are beginning to bring home friends to be fed. Cycle of life. ~~Tink
  16. Soy Burger in Paradise, Judi? You're making me hungry! As you know, I've been tightening up my own poems, too. I want them to look good in their respective topics! Tony I'm no Parrothead, not exactly a fan, but okay, here you go:
  17. A hometown hero, Barry? I had to google her, but it seems there has been an artistic tribute, a mural dedicated to her: Hull mural honours trawler safety fighter Lillian Bilocca Your poem is a lovely literary tribute to her. Tony
  18. Barry, I think this is my favorite of your work. I just kept getting sucked in further and further. I'm unfamiliar with the subject but I certainly am interested in finding more about Lillian whom I assume to be a real person. If not, the poem is a compelling work of fiction because your words came alive on the page. ~~Tink
  19. Since the last upgrade here at the forum, I've been working at tightening and cleaning up some resulting glitches in the reference section. This clean up also offered an opportunity to reread some of my articles, in some cases improve on them and in some to write a few example poems. Here is a recent addition to the Rhyming Recipe stanzaic form. Heavenly Hamburger Place one pound lean ground meat with diced whole onion on medium heat. Sauté these lightly in a tall pan next add diced tomatoes from large can. Add canned corn or lima beans, uncooked egg noodles by all means. For 15 minutes cover pot to stew, so not to stick, stir the brew. Pepper and salt to taste, this is a dish that won't go to waste. Last, melt in shredded cheddar cheese. This hearty meal is sure to please. ~~Judi Van Gorder
  20. Haiku Journal jvg 2017 #4 ant attack an army advanced arrival abated
  21. Life below the water is drawn towards the suns reflection refusing to drown, waves are like the disparate pages of the city's history unable to create a seam, winds carry the skeleton of a dream towards a tree that grows eyes instead of leaves inside the mind of Lillian Biloca, enough eyes to see through the holes in the nets of fisherman, gathered to form a singular vision; working class forever drowning, bourgeoisie forever climbing. Lillian can hear the waters in a photograph sing for three sunken trawlers, their voices trapped, she ripped up the paradigm and raised them from the sea bed into a photograph. Lillian sailed with the moon and held it's anchor, the night made her captain, she then sailed the sun through Hessle road taking the residents into history to record the ascent on Parliament.
  22. Hi Geoff, I really enjoyed this, the rich images float from line to line. It was a feel good poem for me. I felt at home in this warm space you create from the past. And even the coffee felt welcoming. Nice one. ~~Tink
  23. Hi Barry, Your title grabbed me right away. Then the rhythm of the first two lines read very close to the Sapphic Line Ls-Ls-Lss-Ls-Ls which caught my attention. The syllable count is there just the stress is off a little. Actually L2 would be a Sapphic line if you had one short syllable after "delivers". something like "midwife moon delivers her scientists, artists" would be a Sapphic line and I just thought how clever if you covertly built in a touch of the Sapphic frame into this poem. Just ignore me, I'm rambling, I've worked with poetic structure too long. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this piece, the internal rhyme, the alliteration all work to deliver unique images. Nice, ~~Tink
  24. An intriguing lyric right out of a dreamy antiquity. I particularly liked "delicate wrist" and fruit/salute. Tony
  25. I also liked both poems though the revision for me is excellent. I particularly liked the enjambment which carries the rhythm expertly through the above lines and into some exceptional imagery. Quality over quantity every time. Geoff :-)
  26. sisters sang a new womb into existence, midwife moon delivers scientists, artists, soldiers,identity's commute to advance a new sensibility in which the tree is borne out of the fruit, you scorn the misogynists salute. A tattoo of Eve adorns the moon's delicate wrist and for those equipped to see in her eyes there is a dreaming tapestry, an inventory of all my sisters dreams bandaging a bloody wrist with the sounds of war echoing in blood.
  27. blackbird's busy beak pecks the ground seeking fat worm Welsh wood diner ~~jvg
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