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  2. "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there. . ."A g-r-o-a-n and a c-r-a-c-k shatter the sapient silence. A widow maker crashes to the forest floor. In its wake, a hush hovers. ~~Judi Van Gorder A "sonic" Tanka Playing with sound, in particular onomatopoeia.
  3. scissor tailed fly catcher

    Barry, there's lots of niceness going on here: the paper wind, winter's satellite, summer's arrival with birds flying backwards in its mirror, and that skydance with a ghostly mention of Oklahoma. I like that the night observes the skydance. The speaker and reader are there, too, albeit in the background. The last lines are remarkably vivid: ... Two birds stream across the sky like shadows from a fire. I picture it: dusk to darkness with only the shadows/outlines of the birds remaining against the darkening sky. I'm impressed that you chose this bird. This poem is one of your best. It's very much to my liking. Tony
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  5. Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for Feb 20, write a poem using these words in any form. scythe, fresh, bloody, dainty, screaming, deadly, discovery. I hate this kind of prompt, but then again, I have written some poems that surprised me from just this kind of challenge.
  6. The flycatcher cuts through the paper wind announcing the drowning flight of winter's satellite. Summer arrives reflecting the bird flying backwards in it's mirror. The night observes the flycatchers skydance-it balances streams and rivers teaching them the moves-they dance with the ghosts of Oklahoma. Two birds stream across the sky like shadows from a fire.
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  8. Happy Year of the Dog

    So you get to celebrate your birth, all year long. Happy Birthyear~ ~~Tink
  9. Happy Year of the Dog

    Thank you! My birth year was year of the dog. Tony
  10. Counting The Cracks

    Thanks for taking another look Tink. Of course, Africa is a continent with many cultures, peoples and continents. Perceptions, preconceptions, are framed by media - TV and photogenic images. Although, I always attempt an empathy, the original write felt falsified - employing triggers from the media. Having said all that, I have perhaps overcondensed best badge
  11. Happy Year of the Dog

    Gong hei fat choyGong hei fat choyGong hei fat choyWishing you great happiness and prosperity.Xin nian kuai leXin nian kuai leXin nian kuai lePass the New Year well. ~~jvg a Shi Jing with a modern twist.
  12. Not Again!

    Not Againspent brassshellsare scatteredinto cornersof the main hallat a high schoolin Floridapools of blood smearedby rushing feetblight a classroom floornext to a discardedblackbackpack,the round, slate barrelof an automatic riflestill warm ~~Judi Van Gorder A Dinggedicht
  13. Counting The Cracks

    The revision confuses me. You took away the exotic element that suggest to me you and your love had been on a holiday in an exotic land and you treasure the photo reminder. That is all wiped out and replace by "math" that went right over my head. Bring back the original, even though I may have totally misread it, it sang to me. ~~Tink
  14. Let the Games Begin

    Thanks Joel for noticing my word play. In a small restrictive form like this, sounds and balance become a major component in the delivery. The on/off in the previous line is my favorite though. I love words. ~~Tink
  15. A New Morning

    Thanks, Tony :-)
  16. Bird Watching Warbler sings melodyto stir the lust to mateThey build a twig home in the trees,fledglings ~~Judi Van Gorder
  17. Sunshine Girl

    Judi, I was delighted when I discovered that the seasons correspond to the various eras of the speakers life. The last verse gets me down a bit; I prefer to focus on the nostalgia. Tony
  18. Sunshine Girl

    Sunshine Girl In my Spring I flew across the meadow, my mare's mane the standard with a blur of brilliance, gold and blue blossoms on lush green, trampled under her hooves. With Summer came the spark of love, the heat of lust and the fierce fire of holding a babe in my arms. The slow burn of building a family was all consuming. Autumn brought quieter but busy days, my last horse died, my son left to blaze his own path and I had a business to establish. The harvest, a huge success, grandkids, money, and a new passion, poetry. The brittle cold of Winter has been a bath of ice water to this sunshine girl. Broken bones, cancer, and threat of losing my life long love. Still, the sun comes up, peeks through the clouds and calls to me to put on my warmest coat and get out there. ~~Judi Van Gorder Prompt: The Power of Connotation, Write a poem about the changing of the seasons using connotation to inject fuller flavor.
  19. A New Morning

    The locale is exotic and appealing. This is very nice work, and she should love this, Joel. (Not to mention, you love her more than coffee, and that says a lot, lol!) Tony PS -- I love "bluish morning."
  20. Vintages

    Thanks, Joel. I figured I'd get specific. Didn't want to use glass/glasses twice in a short poem. Tony
  21. Can You Hear Them?

    Thanks Joel, me too, that was my favorite image. The refrain really doesn't really resound with me but it says what it has to say.. I keep trying to think of a substitute.
  22. Without a Compass

    Thanks Tony for taking another look and approval. Of course, me being me, still tinkering. cheers Phil
  23. Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for Feb 14, "The Power of Connotation" Write a poem about the changing seasons using connotations to inject fuller flavor into your composition.
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  25. The Essay

    Tony, You have a good point. I think with the advent of the internet writing has gotten sloppier. Texts have their own shortcut. "i luv u" actually they use the heart emoji which we don't have here. We are so old school, thank God. There is even an emoji genre of writing. As for poetry which is our focus here, "anyone can write a poem" is quite literal. Plus classic terms are being bastardized. And if it is in print, it must be true. Scary. ~~Judi
  26. Vintages

    Same appreciation as Tinker once I figured out what stemware is :-)
  27. Can You Hear Them?

    I learned a new form today. Aside from the refrain, I like L4 that is carried to L5 the part "of the wind". For me, it carried the entire poem.
  28. Let the Games Begin

    Thanks for the piece. I like the sound of "mile high slide". The first golds are all over Twitter.
  29. Daily Poem Challenge

    Prompt for Feb 13, We have a choicr, either write a poem entitled ‘Happiness,’ or one entitled ‘Loneliness.’ The poem must describe the sound, color, smell, and taste of whichever word you choose.
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