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    Poetry of form and/or meter/syllable. Topics: wide open! Interests also include Social Democrat & Green politics, world peace, and Linux, with occasional posts on The Guardian Newspaper. A bit of an Anglophile, but from Alfred to Henry 7. Becoming very interested in Baltic history.

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  1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tony. I have been off of here for a bit. Former Estonian president Toomas testified before Congress. http://news.err.ee/316271/ilves-heard-by-us-congress-committee-on-russian-meddling-with-elections
  2. Thanks, Tink. I have been off for a while since this. The Bulgarian flag is white, red, and green, so I subconsciously must have put that into my dream. Thanks again for reading. :)
  3. Octo-licious! Peaceful.
  4. And thank you, too.
  5. Thank you.
  6. The English version of the Bulgarian News Agency Novinite has published it here: http://www.novinite.com/articles/178746/Snow+on+Epiphany+Morning+in+a+Soviet+Era+Sofia+Apartment
  7. Thank you. I am "kind of" back. The numbers deal with the myths about the emanations from the Invisible God, the Unknowable God. I'll leave you with that teaser. Look into the Gnosticism CD or DVD from TheGreatCourses.com
  8. It may be somewhat narrow and historical, thus targeting an audience and limiting readership, but I took your inspiration. Europe's Curtain no longer hangs, the eastern pact no longer stands, and Todor's ghost must contend with his IKEA. - added 1/15/2017
  9. I may have to add another stanza to explain that the BUILDING is from that era, but that the inside has changed, the Wall is gone, Bulgaria's in NATO, etc. Hmmm. Thanks, actually.....
  10. I had to look up "keening". :) I am glad, actually, to elicit any response. I was half asleep while dreaming/seeing this scene, but the furnishings were actually new IKEA; sparse, to be sure, but not shabby. (Yes, I miss the DC access to IKEA.) Red and green, with the white, must relate subconsciously to their flag. With respect to the "aloneless" of the individual, spot on.
  11. Just now seeing this. Excuse me for being tardy. Like all the above, I like it, too.
  12. Author's note: No hidden meanings here. I quickly dreamed that I owned a coffee kiosk named Cafe Blaga, after Blaga Dimitrova, in Sofia, Bulgaria. I think I must be losing it, but I correspond with a Bulgarian at the site goodreads.com Snow on epiphany morning in a soviet era sofia apartment A stark and white empty kitchen, shattered only by a red French press and a whistling green tea pot; a stark and white empty nook, peopled with one chair, one table, one cup, and one spoon; a stark and white linoleum floor, congressed by a singular, shuffling form summoned by the dark promise of steam: his hand lifts the tea pot and drowns the once proud and labored beans, so as to steep in watery homicide. Europe's Curtain no longer hangs, the eastern pact no longer stands, and Todor's ghost must contend with his IKEA. - added 1/15/2017 A stark and white empty street, framed by the uncurtained naked window is the canvas of his breakfast.
  13. It's amazing how much Dickens still influences this holiday. Oh, and thank you! Happy New Year!
  14. after daylight arrived my son returned to exile, Echoing Tink, heartbreaking.
  15. Does my unorthodox heart good: converting the Holy Book Into a pink cheese with salted sacramental Water Like that Benjamin character, enjoyed! ;)