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  1. Haiku Journal 2017 jvg #1 faded red coat brushes my palm as she inches down to bed by the fire
  2. to delay our day frigid raindrops fracture dawn ​comforter pulled close
  3. Haha, You haven't lost your touch Tony. This tickles my brain. The word choices seem very deliberate and the rhythm fluid. I like it. ~~Tink
  4. There doesn't seem to be enough active members to create a conversation. In the last year two of our more vocal members have died. You, Badger and Geoff write poetry and share it here, which I really appreciate. I love reading your work but you don't get involved much in discussion of random thoughts. So this forum is available for any who want to participate and hopefully more than one or two others will chime in. ~~Tink
  5. Hi Geoff, This just carried me along in its musical images. I love the alternate, envelope, couplet rhyme pattern, setting it apart from other sonnets forms. Nice. ~~Tink
  6. Hi Barry, Love the imagery in this, it serves up one rich line after another. It reads like a sonnet. (with a few extra lines) I like it. ~~Tink
  7. Hi Barry, As usual the imagery of your piece was beautiful. But I have to admit, reading this, I wanted you to put it in lines. I see it as a compliment to your Dunnottar Castle. I didn't understand the question mark that doesn't seem to ask a question and Geoff is right, " story's / stories" was a distraction you might want to address. ​Between your two poems, I am now intrigued to explore a bit about the place and see if I can find the painting that seems to have inspired you. ~~Tink
  8. Rain gives permission to pregnant buds to blossom ​the birthing of Spring
  9. WOW
  10. Thanks guys, encouragement from talent such as you all makes me want to try harder. I'm loving reading your work. ~~Tink
  11. Thanks Tony for your presense in spirit and your continued support in the background. I do miss your posts though but certainly understand. And I know if some issue came up where we needed your help you are available. I hope that time when your presense can be more visible will come when your life allows. You are in my thoughts every time I come to this forum and lurk. Haha, I too am pretty invisible here but I actually visit the forum almost daily to read the great poetry here and and often looking for ways to improve on the articles in the reference section. The growth of the poets here since the inception of the forum is phenomenal. I always thought they were all good but now all of them are or could be published. One of the finest groups of poets on the internet. In the meantime thank you again and it is good to see you are still here. ~~ Judi
  12. Hi badger, This was fun to read. I was first struck by the form. Quatrains, rhyme and with some gentle editing it could have a consistent syllabic pattern. The rhythm of the opening two lines and repeated later grabs the reader and is almost emulated in the subsequent couplets. If it were mine I'd play with it. It felt good to read the easy rhyme. It gave it a whimsical, musical sound. I liked this a lot... ~~ Tink
  13. Hi Barry, This was hard for me to follow. I am assuming it is a dream sequence which often don't make sense but I wanted this to go somewhere and it didn't quite get there for me. I love L3 "the sea has many windows it cannot climb through" . I wanted to climb through those windows to see the ruins. I wanted to explore and visit the history but it didn't happen here. I still wish I was writing like this, artistically using words to set a tone, paint a picture. ~~Tink
  14. Hi DC, This flow of this poem is so smooth, like hot maple syrup poured over butter on pancakes, melting and moving, streaks of butter pooling in the syrup. The whole process came to a surprising (wholly because it was pink) yet logical end. The skill level of writing on this forum keeps excelling and is intimidating. Thanks for sharing your work here. ~~Tink
  15. Hi Marty, The stark imagery was brilliantly displayed in your lines. Loved the colors on the pristine white. I didn't read this poem until after you added the 2nd to last stanza so I had a clearer picture in my mind from the start. Congratulations on the publication, and the link allowed me to read the article accompanying your poem which gave me a little more understanding and saved me from looking up "Todor". I'm glad your poem was in Member poetry so we had a way to acknowledge its publication since Tony had coded the publication section for no responses. ​~~Tink