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  1. hawk dives toward earth slower bundles of new life explore outside nests
  2. I wasn't going to get involved in the wonderful world of ezines, so many disappear, but succumbed...a short one: http://www.streetcakemagazine.com/uploads/2/4/7/1/24713274/issue_52__2_.pdf best Phil
  3. fog on mountain top but lyrics in the wind sing a blue sky promise
  4. Welsh wood diner a song of Wren so close-by we stop to listen
  5. A chilling contrast Geoff - a contrast to the imaginative world conjured by firelight - minds chained by technology.
  6. Thanks Tink. I think you're right. Will ponder some more. best badge
  7. Thanks Geoff and Tink. I feel that some of the choices made in revising came from reading Tony's poems. all the best badge
  8. Thank you very much for sharing your response Tink. It made me glad that I shared the poem. best badge
  9. Earth's fertile prelude the old gardener's cuttings blackbird's busy beak
  10. Thanks for the interaction Tony. Highlighted the dangers/potentials of verbs/prepositions. Sometimes the process reinforces the validity of those original choices. best Phil
  11. I don't know Tony, but it is an interesting 'problem', one I enjoy thinking about. Your poems are so right musically that introducing another note is challenging. A verb in particular needs to justify itself in context, not be too dynamic - a cuckoo in the nest! mark/flag/map/tag (too modern?), pen...I'll think on. best Phil
  12. others will soon join the root music in dark soil a rhythm of bulbs
  13. Sorry, Tony specks doesn't carry that sonic quality found in reading the rest of the poem - it does work on the 'distance/insignificance content level - though 'mark' was more a thread to 'inked'. If the use of a verb is an option, then I feel to rather than and offers a more balanced sonic. to find may be a simpler, less noisy, thought to thread to the concluding outcome. best Phil
  14. Yes, that is the picture. best Phil
  15. I don't drink - so, yes I have that life!