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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry

Spanish PoetryThe Soledad, (solitude) is a minor form, written in three, 8 syllable lines. The octosyllabic line is typical of 12th to 15th century Spanish poetry although the majority of forms developed during that period were framed in couplets.


The defining features of the Soledad are:

  • stanzaic, sometimes written in more than one tercet, however it is most often a stand alone 3 line poem.
  • syllabic, each line is 8 syllables. Often the 3rd syllable of a line is stressed.
  • rhymed, rhymed scheme axa bxb etc x being unrhymed.
  • commonly written with internal consonance and or assonance.


    Spring Ahead by Judi Van Gorder


    Eyes droop from lack of sleep last night,

    late night write, hour hand clicks to twelve,

    skip ropes forward, I wake at light.

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