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Couplet Sonnet

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Explore the Craft of Writing PoetryThe Couplet Sonnet is as its name implies a sonnet made up of couplets. This verse form was found at Poetry Base. I am pretty sure this is a recently invented form however it could be a variation of the Cyhydedd Fer Sonnet or the other way around.

The defining features of the Couplet Sonnet are:

  1. a quatorzain is made up 7 heroic couplets.
  2. metered, iambic pentameter.
  3. rhymed aa bb cc dd ee ff gg.
  4. composed with a pivot placed at the poet's discretion.

    Left Behind by Judi Van Gorder

    He left her side in sleep, four years before
    to set a place for her on distant shore.
    Reluctantly, she stayed behind, inside
    an ancient shell, ensnared, bereft of pride.
    She paced her chair, up and down the hall
    and blindly sought her husband's unheard call.

    What hidden terrors lurk within the mind
    to cause a woman generous and kind
    to deftly wield a cane with deadly ease
    and bludgeon buttocks, swiftly strike at knees.
    She was subdued and left to fend alone
    in drug induced illusion, world unknown.

    There finally came a day when she fought free
    and sailed to join her love beyond the lea.

    (in memory of my maternal grandparents, married 1912; Ernest William Herron 1890-1986 and Cora Jennet Grimes Herron 1895-1990)

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