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Explore the Craft of Writing

Light Verse


A Definition Poem is used in classrooms and workshops as a creative writing exercise. It begins with the statement "A (noun) is ", followed by descriptions of the noun in metaphor or imagery. The frame is at the discretion of the poet although it is usually written in free verse.

Tome by Judi Van Gorder


Poetry is

words in a line

time in black on white,

plum blossoms in winter

snowflakes in July

tears on a page

























It's In the Refrigerator


NBA basketball

is an athlete's ballet.

Graceful giants twist

and leap to the thrum of

We will, We will, Rock You!.


It is driving to the hole,

weaving through tall trees

at full speed for the lay up

or roundball rodeo,

a sphere arcs from half court

to swish through an 18 inch ring

10 feet off the ground.

It is D-E-F-E-N-S-E,

take the charge, protect the paint,

hand in the face

pick, block, steal,

big bodies bar the way.


A lifetime in 24 seconds.

Score or hit the rim,

rebound or turn the ball over

all in just about the same time it takes to read these words.


NBA basketball is a whole language of Chickisms.

"nothing but net",

"it's in the refrigerator,

butter's gettin hard and the jello's jigglin'",

"the mustard's off the hot dog",

"he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar"

and "Slam Dunk!"


It is adrenaline on a hardwood court,

my winter retreat.

--- Judi Van Gorder


Chickisms, basketball terms used by most basketball commentators today attributed to the late Chick Hearn, voice of the LA Lakers.

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