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Envelope Quintet

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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry

Italian Poetry


Envelope Quintet (Italian) is a 5 line verse in which the center lines are enclosed by the rhyme of the outer lines.


The Envelope Quintet is:

  • stanzaic, a quintet may be a stand alone poem or can be written in any number of 5 line stanzas.
  • meter at the discretion of the poet.
  • rhymed abcba or aabaa or abbba , subsequent stanzas may link or continue the rhyme scheme: linked abcba cdedc or abcba deced / continued is simply abcba defed etc.


    Out West by Judi Van Gorder


    Ever since seeing John Wayne

    on the big screen

    I've had a thing for the cowboy.

    Like him long and lean

    and if he's shy, I don't complain.


    He rode up on his cutting horse.

    and cocked his Stetson

    brim down low and I played coy.

    For me no Jetson

    caught my eye, but he did, of course.


    I like the old time country ways

    riding down a dusty trail

    bumping knees just brings me joy

    it does not ever fail

    to spark my heart into a blaze.

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