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Tinker's Poems

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The Poetry of
Judi Van Gorder

~~ © ~~ You can contact me at Tinker1111@wildblue.netA-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

3 A.M. 40 Days and 40 Nights 98 BMW 540i 127 Hours A moment before sleep Absence
Absolute Nonsense Action Verb Adjustment Advise to Old Prufrock African Spectacle Age Old Story
Aliens American Soldier An Old Hymn Still Singing Anacreon's Creed Ancient Welshman Anticipated
April 15 April Showers, How Cliché of Her Arctic Love Arthur and Marylyn At the Office ATM
August Away Babies Born Here Backwards Balancing Act Ball Player
Ballata Bark Beetle Battle Ground Beef Steak Best Left Behind Betrayal
Bird's Eye View Bitch Black of the Moon Blackberry Patch
Bondage Broken

The Book

Born of the Earth

A Brief Cast
Briolette of India
Burn-out Blues Burned Cafe Mocha Cantar Cat Tail Chained to the Frame
Chardonnay Summer Charmed Chess (a translation) Cheezy Addiction Cherry Blossoms Chilly Forcast
Chimes A Christmas Moment Church Parking Lot Clerihew Cold Cold Forever
Combat Comfort Food Complex Math Computer Connection Condemned Cora Lynn Williams 1834-1849
craft Crisis Crystal Clear Curtal Sonnet Dana Dancers
Darryl is Her Name Daylight Savings Day Is Done Day Thirteen Days Like This Deaf Tones
Dedication deified Deprived Devil's Game Discordant Thoughts Dragon
Due Tomorrow Dust Easter Goodies Easter Rathe Easy Way Out Echo at Dawn
El Viejo elements EMail Empty Excuse Empty Moment Empty Stable
Episode Erasure Essence etheree evening azimuth Eventide
Eye of the Beholder Fair Weather Sailor Fall Fall Back Family Night Father-Daughter
Feast in Cana Feed My Sheep Fencing Off (prose) Fiore Fire at the Core Fire Dance
First Day of Chemo First Flight First Steps For All You Poets Out There Forgotten Forum Limerick
Found Freedom French Flare Friend or Foe Fresh Start From Home
Furry Fix Fuzzy Game 6, treinta sei Gathering Generosity Goodnight Mac Adoo
Grit Between My Toes Hand on my Back Hat and the Cat Haiku Journal The Haunting Headline
Heat of Autumn Heaven Heavenly Hamburger Heavenly Timber Heaven's Hue Hiding in the light
Honey Seeded Whole Wheat Heaven Horsemen of Afghanistan Hot Topics House of Stone How Did I Get Here? How Great is He?
How Many Times? I Am I Don't Relate I.E.D. I'm Not Mad In love
In Memory of John Paul II In My Dotage In the Trenches Incendiary incomplete Incomprehensible
Indigo informed Introduction Inuendo Irishman Limerick Italian Saraband
It's In the Refrigerator Journal,Today's Weather Just Me Keats Kentucky Derby Laker gold
Laker's Quest Lambs Lament Land Ho! Lanterne Laughing in Fall Colors
Lavender Law and Reason Lectio Divina Left Behind leg-acy Legacy
Letrilla translation Lions Tigers and Bears
Little Willie Long Haired Dog The Longest Night
A Look Forward Love, An Old Cliché Lyrelling Mac Adoo's Wings Macy's Parade Day Magic Moments
Magic of the Muse Malaise Marguerite Johnson, A Caged Bird No More May Me, the Condensed Version Memo to Hot Shot
Memorial Mind Melt Mission For the Queen Monday Mono y Mono Monster
Month of August Moonless Reflection Moonlight More Morning Brew Morning stillness
Morning Sun Morning Walk Movie Night Mud Laps Music In My Dream My Dog Angel
Mr. Jones Nature's Notes News Images Night Dwellers No Smoking No Surrender
Nonsense Nostalgia Now Here's a No Brainer Nursery Ode to Laker Basketball Ode to Rain
on a courtyard bench On the Cross On the Way to the Ladies Room One Bite One Note Tones One Too Many
One Two Three,Ring Oogling the Bing Open Blinds Oprah Orb Os-Rune's Language
Ostrich Races Out West Pallette Panacea Panache Paradise Adrift
Parent Parrot Limerick Pase Doble The Path Path to Stillness Patriarch
Pauline Peck's Pond Pier 39 The Pen Whispers Persimmon Phone Call to an Old Friend
Pi Pi ∆∆∆∆∆ pillow woman Playing Poet Poet Police Shooting
Politics Poor Man's Rhodedendron Pragmatic Wastrels Press Conference Pressure Cooker Prism
Psalm in Action Puddles pyramid Queen Bee Queen of Spring Rain
Raindrop Read, White and Blue the reader Rebirth Red Redwood Grove
Regression Reluctant Ballade Remind Me Again? Reminders Requiem for Mac Adoo The Return
Return of the Doe Ring of Love Robert Frost, Sower Roly Poly Roly Poly Prince Rhyming Lines
Runway Rust Sample
Scarlet Scrumptuous Lumptuous
Sculptured Heart Sea Dreamer Seamrog Sedoka Seven Deadly Sins Shade(hokku)
Shadows Shadows at Dawn Shell Beach Shere Kahn Shift Change Short Balance
Shout Sideshow Silenced Silly Rabbit Silly Willy Singed Wings
Skald Sleep Smog Snyder (prose) Solitaire Song of Healing
Song of the Matador Song of the Midnight Troubadour A Speck Splash Sport of Kings Spring Ahead
Spring Awakening Spring Blossoms Spring Cleaning St. Pat Stand Off Starving
Starbucks Stepping Up to Tomorrow Stressing Left Stud The Student sublime
The Sun Sunrise Service Sunset's Tango Sunshine for Breakfast Super Bowl Sunday Super Sunday
Surprise Survivor Swinging Door Syllabic Silliness Synergy Tail Wagging
Taking Care of Business Tale of Honor Tattoo Tea and Grace Telling the Storm Temptation
Tetractys They Shall Be Comforted Third Dimension Thirty Days Through the Mist Thrown Away
Thursday Afternoon Time Timeless Titan Together Forever Tome
Too Many Years Training Day Trail Boss Transformation Treasured Island Trifling Trinity
Trite Trochee Turbulence Twelfth Night Sonnet Twins Two Dollar Bet
Unicorn, Guardian Unidentified Uniquely Irish Unnoticed Upon This Rock Unprepared
Vanquished in the Night Vexing Villanelle For Scottie Vows Waiting Prognosis Wake Up Call
The Wanderer's Return Warning Warrior Woman Way Too Personal Welsh Inspiration When in the Woods
When Starting a New Diet When You Sing You Pray Twice Where's Leigh? The Will Wind on the Terrace Winter Rain
With Apologies Woe the Time Word of the Day Work Week Write On Writing in the Dark
Yesterday You You Left Your Ring Youth zi
Zimbabwe Child
Poem TitlesA-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

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Haiku and Other Untitled Poems - Key Words

ancestors ancient wall ant covered candy ants in the mud room April sunrise autumn chess game baking cake beacon
beauty bed beckons beef stew beyond the shore birth & death blue canvas blue rose bohdi tree
brazen poppies breakfast breeze floats off Pacific Brooklyn on Nabisco butterfly wings cake Camelot caped manta
captured moments castoff caught then lost chants of peace child beguiled corn stalks countdown cozy quilt
creeper weeds cricket chirps croak caw crocus carpet crystals on lake cyber ballroom daffodils damp morning
dancing blossom dawn breaks while sun sets deadlines diamond myths dishwasher do it now doe and fawn dreams hovers
early plum blossom east coast flood empty box Fang fast forward field mouse flames mushroom flash-boom
flight series flour & nuts fly series flying fox froggy launch pad frogs silent frost on mailbox frothy sea
goat rescue goats ate my roses granddaughter's voice grandkids rock grandson green snot grey mist guns & daisies
haiku break hand on shoulder hard ground harsh words headache heaven opens hide and seek hiding stars
hip hop hit/kick hoot owl horse therapy hung over hummingbird I am I live
insect stings jump start kid parole lacy canopy laptop keys Las Vegas latte to go laundry
leaky memories leftovers locked inside lost in haze love letters marathon runner messy desk militant peace march
Monday moon casts shadows moon smiles moonlight on lake morning quest taste of barbeque no new news nob-kneed calf
Nook book November old dog old friend one black shoe overhead fan paint dribbles pajama day
parched earth park bench pebble in creek pen meets paper pillow unattended plot moves poem marathon poet to reader
prayer beads prink poetry prissy parrot pumpkin patch purple haze purple sky quarter moon quizicle
rabbits rain clouds clammer rainy Sunday red-tailed hawk redwood limb respite rickety barn rite of passage
seaweed seconds jet seedlings shadow shrinks shadows cast shards of love ship
shooting star silent engine six hours sizzling sausage sleep can wait sleepless mind slick asphalt small child
small spider small stone snake suns snail pace snow dumps in May soft breeze breaks solitude breeds patience sound of garbage truck
sound of housework sow and mow speed sport of kings stand up comic starting over sticks and moss stranded goat
stubbed toe subway bombings summer surf taco Tuesday taste of barbeque taste of metal tax time terror wins
they wait thirsty child thousand candles three broken bones three little girls throw away time Thursday afternoon toddler's treasure
torn Valentine treetops/bird calls truth TV & computer two are one two worlds victim sister voting
vows broken waking with sunrise watch parrot welcome to Wales western shore wet asphalt wet dog wet Wednesday
winter garden winter rain winter stars whispered secrets white wind year passed yellow roses you left your ring
your eyes broken bird

ebony night

needle on tray bullets in concert Paris bombing images vanish stroke
pine needles calendar keyboard Thanksgiving pie thirsty soil iPad squall
weighted limbs salted headed south

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ScottwithSaraandoldestgirls_zps9df78f7a. My son Scott with wife Sara and his two oldest girls, Allexa 9 and Trinity 12 with his 3rd daughter, 6 yr old Brooklyn looking on. Going to a Quiceñiera. (Brooklyn has to stay home with little brother Camden and Grandma and she isn't happy about it.

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Brooklyn aka Fuzzy and Allexa

My grandchildren 429187_10151225265734841_1665408276_n.jp
Camden 3, Brooklyn 5, Allexa 9 and Trinity 12

MayChildhoodStrokeAwareness_zpsc11fc2d7.Brooklyn May 1, 2013 Childhood Stroke Awareness Month.

Trinity TrinityMay22013_zps1097b23a.jpg


November 30, 1963, I was giving Bob a bite of our cake when I heard from the crowd "Let him have it, Jude..." and I just couldn't resist. It's been a challenging but fun ride ever since.


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