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Monchielle Stanza

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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry
Invented Forms

The Monchielle Stanza is a very new and very popular stanzaic form invented by Jim T Henriksen of Norway. He posted his inovation at All Poetry.com in 2005 and the form seems to have found its way onto several poetry sites since. Of course, we can't leave it out of this forum.

The form is named for Jim's wife Monica and the Kyrielle which also uses a refrain within its frame. It seems to me that the form is more conducive to lyrical images and the repetition of L1 in L1 of subsequent stanzas is closer to the rentrement of the Rondeau Family of forms than the refrain and narrative nature of the Kyrielle, but I didn't invent nor name this new form.

The Monchielle Stanza is:
  • stanzaic, written in any number of cinquains. (The original suggests 4 cinquains but the stanza frame will work equally as well with 2 or more stanzas.)
  • syllabic, 6 syllable lines or if you prefer iambic trimeter
  • rhymed, rhyme scheme From Axbxb Axcxc Axdxd Axexe etc. x being unrhymed or Abcbc Adede Afgfg etc.
  • written with a rentrement L1 is repeated as L1 in each subsequent stanza.

    When in the Woods by Judi Van Gorder

    Settling into stillness,
    spine straight, shoulders relaxed,
    lines from a Robert Frost
    poem glide through my thoughts
    recalling images lost.

    Settling into stillness
    I open to the sounds
    of a squirrel up high
    gathering for winter
    and never asking why.

    Settling into stillness
    the minutes drop away
    .Pain and joy become one
    moment, no time to waste
    before the setting sun.

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