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Pressure Cooker #17 Poem a Day

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Pressure Cooker


I remember my Mom

cooking stews in her pressure cooker

and I got mine as a wedding

gift along with a meat

grinder and flour sifter

now all relegated

to the back of the cupboard.


I have to admit

I was a little afraid

of my cooker

I watched like a hawk

while that round weight

on top rocked

back and forth

just wating for it to blow.


So now

that same kitchen basic

makes headlines

I guess I was right

to fear it

it seems it is the perfect host

to send nails and ball bearings

into the legs and guts

of unsuspecting passersby.

-------------------- ---Judi Van Gorder

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A solid take on the impalatable subject that has afflicted those poor people. My take in my poem labelled Not an NPM was directly about the race and of course wanting the perpetrators caught, your personal alusive point of reference the obscene misuse of domestic equipment is neatly done and pursuasive and thought-provoking. Those thoughts are with Boston, London will have a silence at the marathon on Sunday. Well done Tink addressing the sadness hereby. Frank

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Thanks Frank, I was just trying to share some of my thoughts as the news unfolds. I read your poem and had just posted my marathon haikus so thought to come back to your piece a little later to respond. I think when events like this happen writing about our feelings gives us an outlet. I remember writing about the subway bombings in London a few years ago. I include them here so I can put them in my Archive.




#103 7-7-05

commute subways bombed

common folk are targeted

cowards stike again


#102 7-7-05

London under siege

terror targets civilians

Brit's will not cower

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Thanks for that Tink as a Londoner who well recalls. Only yesterday my friend in a pub, where else, told me about his son who as a firefighter carried a woman up out of the tube that had been bombed as she could not walk. Chilling stuff to hear of at first-hand.


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