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Hidden topics in Member Poetry, Member Poetry (overflow), and Workshop forums (steps and pertinent Rules)

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I have enabled a feature that will allow Members to hide/unhide topics in three forums:


Member Poetry

Member Poetry (overflow)



All Members will still be able to see any hidden topics, but Guests will not be able to. Unfortunately, because of a limitation in the forum software, once you hide a topic, new replies to the hidden topic will be disabled. If you want to receive replies again, you will have to unhide the topic.





Here are the Rules which pertain to this newly enabled feature in these forums:


1. Members are only authorized to hide and unhide their own topics, not the topics of others. Any Member who hides or unhides the topics of other Members without the permission of the other Member will be suspended.


2. Please do not strip content from your topics. Some Members are in the habit of posting a topic and then later stripping the content out the topic. I think this degrades the board, and I will take it personally if people keep doing this in topics that are visible to non-members (guests). It irritates me that there may be topics like this on PMO, and I don't need the extra work of having to look for them. If you want to strip your content and don't want to PM me to alert me to remove the topic, then hide the topic. I'll notice it and remove it. You can even put a reason of "remove" on the topic; the step to do this is included in the other steps below.



Here are the steps to hide one of your topics:


1. Look at the forum where your topic is located. Hover your cursor on the far right side of the forum in line with your topic title. A small gear icon will show:




2. Click the gear icon and you'll see the option to hide the topic (or unhide it if it's already hidden):




3. A screen will open where you can enter a reason for hiding the topic. (For example, you could enter as a reason "remove topic.") If you don't want to enter a reason proceed to the next step.




4. Click Hide, and your hidden topic will look like this in the forum:





If you find that this feature isn't working, please let me know. If anyone needs help with these steps or something else, send me a pm.




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