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Heavenly Hamburger

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Since the last upgrade here at the forum, I've been working at tightening and cleaning up some resulting glitches in the reference section.  This clean up also offered an opportunity to reread some of my articles, in some cases improve on them and in some to write a few example poems.  Here is a recent addition to the Rhyming Recipe stanzaic form.

Heavenly Hamburger

Place one pound lean ground meat
with diced whole onion on medium heat.
Sauté these lightly in a tall pan
next add diced tomatoes from large can.
Add canned corn or lima beans,
uncooked egg noodles by all means.
For 15 minutes cover pot to stew,
so not to stick, stir the brew.
Pepper and salt to taste,
this is a dish that won't go to waste.
Last, melt in shredded cheddar cheese.
This hearty meal is sure to please.
                             ~~Judi Van Gorder

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Soy Burger in Paradise, Judi? :tongue: You're making me hungry!

As you know, I've been tightening up my own poems, too. I want them to look good in their respective topics!

Tony :happy:


I'm no Parrothead, not exactly a fan, but okay, here you go:



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Haha Tony,  Thanks for the dinner music.   The recipe is something I learned from my Mom, it was never written down.  It was a quick, cheap, hearty dish that can grow if extra people drop by unexpectedly.    I used to make it a lot when my son was home and he was always bringing home hungry friends.  Teen boys eat a lot and this was the perfect dish. My son taught it to my daughter-in-law and she fixes it all of the time.  They have 4 kids and the 2 teen girls are beginning to bring home friends to be fed.   Cycle of life.


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