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Explore the Craft of Writing Poetry

Overview of Chinese Poetry with Index


Traditional Mongolian Meter is thought to date back to Ghengis Kahn but the first record of this more sophisticated form is the 17th century. It is a little different than most forms in that the lines are head rhymed.


The Traditional Mongolian Meter is:

  • written in any number of quatrains.
  • syllabic, usually 7 to 8 syllables.
  • head mono-rhymed, meaning the first syllable in each line rhymes with the first syllable of the ensuing lines.
  • alliterated, although alliteration can occur within a couplet and need not be contained within a line.


    Dancers by Judi Van Gorder


    Together we tangoed the years

    tuning out doubts we could make it.

    Today, solo or paired, we jive,

    tomorrow is on the dance card.

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