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  1. tonyv


    From my collection -- unknown author, unknown attribution
  2. tonyv

    Fact in Poetry vs. Poetic License

    I had to adjust a few settings which I new would cause some comments in this topic to disappear, so I took some screenshots to save the conversation. I'll paste them below.
  3. Found this cool article about Seamus Heaney: Seamus Heaney's Family on Life with the Great Poet: 'He was always just Dad at home'
  4. tonyv


    I'm excited to see that the image inspired yet another poem, a haiku. ☺️
  5. tonyv

    Siber --for badger11

    Thank you very much, Judi. I'm thrilled you like it. It's one of my favorites. Tony
  6. tonyv


    This image was the inspiration for my poem "Siber." Tony
  7. tonyv

    Donald Hall

    Yes Judi, I did catch this article about it a few days ago. I don't know his work, but I have read things he has written about the craft itself (eg. interviews, "how to" stuff, prefaces to anthologies, etc.) and have found what he has said to be useful and inspiring. When I learned this news, I read a bit about Donald Hall and came across a poem by his late wife, Jane Kenyon. I liked it very much. I'll make a topic in "A Poem I Read Today." Tony
  8. tonyv

    Realities fixed price

    Terry, you've presented a nice balance between theoretical and practical. Echoes of Burns? The best laid plans ... Tony
  9. tonyv

    Jellyfish Whispers

    Two well selected submissions tastefully presented. Congratulations! Tony
  10. tonyv

    Paradise Erupts

    Nicely composed, Judi. The title is perfect. I was expecting something metaphysical (e.g. Paradise Lost) and got the natural, the physical. Delightful! Tony
  11. tonyv


    I know nothing about tanka, but its purported characteristics notwithstanding, this is expressive and lovely, lyrical. Tony
  12. tonyv

    Hunter in Training

    A cat attack -- never a good thing. 😲 Even so, this is a lovely application of repetition and the form. Thanks for including the photo. I always love when poets include supplemental art. Tony
  13. tonyv

    Full Circle

    Thank you, Alek. It's not one of my best, but these days it's one of the few. I'm getting back into it now that I've got some recent computer problems sorted. Tony
  14. tonyv


    Welcome home, Alek. Tony
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