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  1. tonyv

    Poetry Shed (1)

    Truly one of your finest, Phil. Congratulations on yet another publication. I'm excited that you're getting your work out there. Tony
  2. tonyv


    Joel, this is beautifully worded. You do a wonderful job showing. I love the recurring theme of umbrella-less and how the speaker is honest about his condition, how he perceives it: I say perceives it, because as an objective reader with empathy I can see a bigger picture, how this condition might not be entirely (or at all) his fault. I love this poem. Tony
  3. tonyv

    Browndown Gosport

    I'll add that I very much liked "we were blown away" … literally and figuratively, that is. Expendable as the bullets is also hard hitting. But what makes this poem stand out for me are the last lines: … especially the last line. It takes the reader to another place, as if divorced from his body, away from it all. Tony
  4. Judy, if you wrote this because you couldn't help yourself that means you're … a poet! The "pros" say to be honest when it comes to your writing. That's where the power lies. Tony
  5. tonyv


    A lovely exaltation of ephemerality. While @Tinker's point is well taken -- the same can be and has been said about plenty of my works -- for me it's most often about the mood. And what can capture the intangible sense of the transitory better than poetry or perhaps music? Thank you for taking me there. Tony
  6. tonyv


    Easter Island Image Credit: Rivi
  7. tonyv

    Beyond the dry stone wall

    Thanks, Phil. You know I'm always excited to get the background info, sources of inspiration, etc. on poems and all works of art. @Tinker just made a topic in the Member Archive where members can post footnotes to their works if they so desire. (I'll post an announcement for it -- Thank you, Judi!) Tony
  8. tonyv

    Trail of Dreams

    I haven't read a lot of Berryman's Dream Songs, but I have read a few and liked them and their form. I think this is an ambitious write, and I'm excited that you've take it on. It's all appealing, but I think the part which transports me the most is, I love it! Tony
  9. tonyv

    This is About

    You could add a footnotes topic to the Member Archive, and each poem's footnote link could point to its own reply within the topic. You could even add links within the footnote replies which reverse back to their respective poems.
  10. tonyv

    Hastings castle

    The takeaway is a sense of stoic forlornness. Much enjoyed. Tony
  11. tonyv

    Beyond the dry stone wall

    Another pleasurable read. The poem delivers that village feel, where everyone knows everyone else's business, whether scandal or mundanity, right down to gardening habits. Tony
  12. tonyv


    Nothing to be unsure about here. Rich in imagery, this one paints a picture worth a thousand words. Tony
  13. tonyv


    Yes, I agree the punctuation is not needed. With the stanza and line break the pauses are still there. I was thinking you could drop the adjective altogether. It's clear the flowers mean a lot to him. He watches the children and the roses! Tony
  14. tonyv


    Maybe something like this... footie-mad us and them: his roses
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