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  1. tonyv

    Tom's Alley

    I was about to suggest that the poet win the feline's trust with some food and take him home (after a trip to the groomer of course), and then I got to the surprise twist! An unexpected and welcome surprise. Tony 🐱
  2. tonyv


    This was always one of my favorites, and I'm pleased to enjoy the reboot. Tony
  3. tonyv


    Despite a welcome, comforting sense of isolation, an absence of other humans, I feel like I am there. Yes, there are omens, but they are illusory and invoke an alertness, a primal, healthy fear of the unknown, the future, etc. A very enjoyable read. Tony
  4. tonyv

    In her garden

    I had to look up Fauvism and Henri Matisse to see and fully appreciate the lovely picture you've painted here. Is the stanza below the line an earlier version of the poem? Tony
  5. tonyv

    London Grip

    Smooth, steamy ... Congratulations (again)! Tony
  6. Judi, I didn't see your reply to this article (or the other one) till now. I think part of the problem is that the comments to the "Front Page" articles don't cross post with the replies to the duplicate articles in this forum. For example, if I post a comment on the Front Page version of this article it won't duplicate here in this version of the article and vice versa. I'll have to look into whether there is a way to make it work like that, but I don't think there is. I remember hearing somewhere that there are are only a certain amount of narratives in existence -- it's some small amount like seven or ten -- and that any story or drama written will fit into one of those top tier narratives. So, if that's true, we certainly will end up telling the same stories over and over albeit in slightly different ways. I agree. Across my works, I repeat certain words that I'm inclined to treat as my own to the extent that I should ©️ them! Tony
  7. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    Thanks Phil, I always look forward to your read. Tony
  8. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    That's good news, Terry. Thankfully, in my case this is not entirely autobiographical. There are some regrets, some of which are normal, others a bit peculiar and consequences of my own doing but nothing devastating. For me, it's about the art. What I find fascinating is how when it comes to artists and their lives the art can overlap, mix it up, and surprise. For instance, I don't know if you remember the old television series "Marcus Welby, M.D." which starred actor Robert Young. (I would consider actors to be artists to some degree.) I was blown away when I read in the Wikipedia article about Young that, "Despite his trademark portrayal of happy, well-adjusted characters, Young's bitterness toward Hollywood casting practices never diminished, and he suffered from depression and alcoholism, culminating in a suicide attempt in January 1991." The role he played was so real to me, the viewer, that I could not imagine that his life was altogether different. Now, my poem has nothing to do with him or the television series, but I'm presenting the comparison to illustrate how it often is for me when it comes to my poetry and art. Thank you again for engaging, for your kind replies. Tony
  9. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    I like it, Terry! Thank you, Tony
  10. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    Thanks again, Judi. I'm really glad it's coming across as I had hoped. I wasn't aware that L3 was working like that, and I'm glad it is. But does the language in L4 make sense, or should I change it to "to gaze, alone, across a silver lake" ... wait I think I'm about to answer my own question. If I change L4 to that, I would be telling instead of showing. I should keep it the way it is. Does that make sense? Tony
  11. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    Some additional thoughts ... What I really mean to convey in the penultimate line is the sense of alone: to gaze, alone, beyond a silver lake Does the line as it stands now -- only to gaze beyond a silver lake -- make sense in that way? Tony
  12. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    Thank you, Judi! I'm excited that someone likes this. I didn't think anyone would. This point is well taken."Veil" is nice, and similar words could work e.g. dome. I'll consider this some more, but for now, I actually like "sky." The way I see it, its harshness functions like a period. That's a really good suggestion! Thanks again, Tony
  13. tonyv

    Mineral Skies

    Credit His well-put lines foretold a sanguine future. A masterpiece -- he thought she would agree. But then he woke up drunk a decade later only to gaze beyond a silver lake beneath its concrete mid-October sky. _____________________________________ Notes: This image has been in my archives for a decade. It's somehow meaningful to me and inspired me to write this poem.
  14. Nice home page photo, nicer that the creepy one.  Now I look for what will come next. Happy Memorial Day. Is that politically correct?  Sad memorial day.  Weird.  I hope you enjoy the holiday.


    1. tonyv


      Don't worry, Judi, I've archived that previous cover pic in the GALLERY section I just activated, so you can enjoy it any time you want! :wink::laugh: But yes I'll try to post some new and interesting cover photos from time to time. 

      And thank you, I'm having a great holiday weekend and hope you are, too!

      Tony :happy:


      PS -- let me know if you need a gallery album (or albums) of your own, and I can create them. 

    2. Tinker


      The cover photo on my blog, I took out at the coast from on top of the cliff.  Scott and the kids had gone down the trail to the beach but it was high tide and you had to wade to the beach and Sara and I chose to stay up on the turn out.  This photo was taken down the mountain, a 15 minute drive from my home.  


  15. tonyv


    Bree from Worcester, MA, USA - Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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