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  1. The bald man

    Well composed, Phil. I picture a babushka, worn down by a hard life. It could be a couple, but are the old woman and old man one and the same? Tony
  2. Feathered blood

    I, too, think that this is one of your best. Lovely winter imagery, the epitome of December in the northern hemisphere. Tony
  3. Eric and the owl

    A delve into the realm of fantasy, Barry? I have zero experience with the genre, but I'm glad this one has a happy ending. Tony
  4. Sometimes It Gets Better

    There's something to be said for persistence. It all worked out. Tony
  5. You and I

    Dee, this reads well. It has song-like characteristics. The repetition works. Tony PS -- Eastern MA? I grew up in Eastern MA and am there almost every day. We'll have to meet up for coffee/brunch sometime.
  6. hi there Tony-i don't seem to be receiving much feedback-could you have a look at my story for chidren-Eric and the owl-thanks-Barry

  7. After

    Some subtleties in these two versions. I'm waiting to see if you tweak these some more. The title drew me in. Tony
  8. She Waits

    I wonder how many from my own recent past ... I send them texts, but they don't reply. They must have disappeared below. Nice work well written -- thanks for sharing this one. I'm excited that you've joined and am looking forward to enjoying more of your work. Tony
  9. Terror at Twilight (a Seadhna Sonnet)

    Very spooky, in the spirit of the season. My favorite line has got to be "Earth is not its normal home" Tony
  10. Moonshadows

    Frank, this is a terrific application of the Shakespearean form. And your meter is precise, a pleasure to read. Clearly there were "wounds that left our scars," but the last line kind of leaves it open and leaves the reader wondering, "Did it pass?" I remain optimistic that the lovers are still together. Tony
  11. Salome

    Geoff, this is a most provocative, masterfully crafted sonnet. Salome in the arts is always intriguing. The octet is itself like a painting, but a poem can take things to the next level. You do that in the sestet. Thank you for showcasing this here. Tony
  12. Cali Fire Storm

    Tetrameter, an appropriate choice to set the pace. Tony
  13. Pele

    Judi, this is an intriguing application of a form I wasn't aware of, a form that seems to lend itself very well to conversational style, yet "Pele" is dignified enough it could function as a title of nobility. Tony
  14. The Race

    Frank, this sonnet is very well composed. Though clearly a different subject matter, this one is somehow reminiscent of Frost's "The Master Speed." Tony
  15. Forester

    Phil, it seems you've submitted two poems in forms I've contemplated trying just recently. In "Ignored" we have the pastoral, and here we have an idyll. Looking forward to my next ride on the bike path (tomorrow, hopefully, if there's no rain). Very nicely composed. Tony

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