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  1. summayya


    The room is dead white. Garingly a smile comes in and blots the walls with a supreme purple. Curtains cough to one another and whisper to the streets. They are flirtatious and run down to the edge of the sky. Birds won't lie; snow is licking the sun. Hours tickle the back of day as time wanders through the empty bottles by the desk. A chuckle. Another. Twilight is distrubed by the bubbles of the bulb. The room is half purple now and meddles with the night.
  2. summayya

    Hamid Ali Khan

    Well, I am proficient with Urdu and English. But I know hindko (my parental/regional language) and pushto (our another regional language) and some of panjabi. So basically I know a few languages but am good with none :icon_redface: but even then I tried my hand at Persian (I took classes) though I got busy with life and had to put it off for later (and later isn't some time soon ) and I would like to learn Saraiki (a regional language in Panjab) and also French and Spainish. Chinese and Japanese have facsinated me from chilhood for their artistic appearances. I remember I used to take out Chinese on bits of papers and newspapers and would make out either cars and house and devils and angels out of the words. :D ok ok I like languages :icon_redface: :D Glad you enjoyed the music. Music is ultimate magic :D
  3. summayya

    Blackened Stones

    A stained moon, shining in a distance .... I think somehow the descision has already been made. You know i love your poetry GL.
  4. summayya

    Autumnal Colours

    Ahah! I love when poetry has music and this was so easy to read. Compact and musical and the meter and refrain worked so well bringing out the unexplainable beauty of a fall. Though autumn carries a particular sad mood with it but your musical poem reminds me that spring is not far behind. thanks for a musical poem! Enojyed
  5. summayya


    How very tony-esque of you. I missed PMO and this welcomes me back well. Feels like starting from where I stopped. Thanks. blatant almost-gods hit a cord. I totally know what that means. And I always envy how well you use meter so well. Really enjoyed. Thank you tony!
  6. summayya

    New Day

    Powerful poem Alek. Anger, sorrow, a sense of being lost comes forward in this poem and you put it all together with very nice, almost suprising imagery. Well you always do that making me love you poetry. :D
  7. summayya

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    when rain clouds clammer birds tuck under leaves-- but its fall
  8. summayya


    There was a time in my life when I was as pure and innocent as the dew drop that wets the morning and blends into the beauty of an eternal life. I admit I shouldn’t have wished for more yet I was curious and I grew out of that pure life and learned the manners of the world. I vapourized everyday at the birth of the sun, working the day off to be born again in the night. And when the moon woke and mad men rose from their graves I whispered the miseries of my life to them. They kissed my forehead and cried their pains to me until I was so broken that I bursted into a tear drop and lay quitely in the silent morning having nothing more to say…
  9. summayya

    Congratulations Frank

    Congrats frank!!!! you deserve it!
  10. summayya

    Pressing words

    Thanks everyone for the read and comments. As for criticism Dedlus its always welcome. And I think I understand what you mean. Lets see what comes up. Thanks a million! :D
  11. summayya

    Pressing words

    among the empty clouds that hover above this house, life sulks about the nakedness of gross realities, bothering a fatal hope that slides into the wide horizon beside the yellow sun. PS: Haven't written something for ages. So excuse me!
  12. summayya

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    Lilies on the hill fragrant and white in the mist in the mist perches on my window a bird
  13. summayya

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    sparrows hop a warm morning; cold god.
  14. summayya

    My grandson is here

    Congratulations Tink!!!! Really happy for you and your family.
  15. summayya

    Ghulam Ali

    Wow gl! I have never been to a live performance but I have seen many performances on TV. I plan to go on a live performance someday... I am glad you enjoyed these songs GL. Really makes me very happy to think you had a good time.
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