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  1. Aleksandra


    Thanks Tink and Tony. It's nice to be back and yes, it still feels like a home 🙂
  2. Aleksandra

    The Shaking

    Joel, hey man, it feels so good to read you again. And still, your words are powerful, as always. Hugs,
  3. Aleksandra

    Morning light

    I love when a poem ends with a question. I like the flow of this poem. Alek
  4. Aleksandra

    Tom's Alley

    Wow, Tink... An amazing one. I miss words to express myself after reading this. Wow, guys, reading you after a long break, it makes me feel very ignorant lol. You are great, very progressive and different. Thank you
  5. Aleksandra

    Full Circle

    Tony, this poem is a such a surprise to me. It's lovely, and I have to note, a very different one, from what I've read by you. Interesting. Happy to read it.
  6. Aleksandra


    Hello everyone! I am very happy to see PMO still active and very good looking site, with many of the good old site mates being around. I am happy to see you all dear people, and many other great members - new for me. Such a joy to see this lovely community active and creative. I am deeply sorry for some of our friends who have passed away, our Victor, Frank, I hope not someone else. Tony, you, as always, have done a great job all these years, thank you for this. And Tinker, I see your dedication as well. The site wouldn't be as good as it is without both of you and the other friends of ours. I've missed PMO, I've missed all these poetic souls. Suddenly I feel how much I've missed poetry. I hope to catch up with you all, step by step. It's great to walk through your works all over PMO.
  7. Aleksandra

    Haiku Train - catch it - free tickets

    folding chairs in trunk wracking my brain sand all around (Hello PMO 🙂 )
  8. Aleksandra


    Interesting, as aways, and exactly in your own familiar style. I like it, Frank. :) Good to see you still active and inspired. Aleksandra
  9. Aleksandra


    Hello, Lake :) How nice to see you around and with a wonderful thread. Great job and a beautiful combination. Aleksandra
  10. Aleksandra

    We've Lost Our Way

    An amazing poem, Tony. I loved it. I missed reading your poems, and this poem turn me back in time, because it feels as your old style of poetical creation. :). I am happy, that I came to this poem, indeed.
  11. Aleksandra

    Anna Livia, rv

    What a pleasure to come back and to read such a wonderful poem from an old friend :). A great poem, Bren. Especially I enjoyed the opening of this poem and its sound. Well done! Aleksandra
  12. Aleksandra

    cemetery rose

    An amazing poem, Eclipse. I loved the setting, too, as Tony has mention it, already. It's heartfelt poem, and it has some special sound in it. I don't have enough words to express my feelings about this poem. Great poem. Aleksandra
  13. Aleksandra

    Our Old Plate

    Dear, Frank. This is so warm poem. I enjoyed the first half of the poem, a lot. It has an expected warmth - regarding the title. I am happy that I stopped by this poem. Thanks. Aleksandra
  14. Aleksandra

    Love A Magic Spell

    What a sincere poem, Victor. :) I like the open way you wrote this poem. The recognition of the real feelings, even if they are so naive, so crazy, so simple, so helpless, or even hopeless. gives this poem some beauty. The love, is always so inspiring to everyone. I just don't like the word wanna :D, Keep writing ;).
  15. Aleksandra


    Hello, Benjamin. I like your poem, as well. I liked the expressions that you've used. But one thing that I don't really like, and sometime it gives me hard time to read it, is a poem without any punctuation. I am not saying it's a bad thing, but for me, with English as a second language, is really hard to feel the poem at the same time when I read it. :) I hope you understand what I want to say. But, of course, after few times reading it, it's much better. Thanks for sharing it. :)
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