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    In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
    - Friedrich Nietzsche

    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free
    - Jim Morrison

    Memory, Prophecy and fantasy--
    the past, the future and
    the dreaming moment between--

    are all one country,
    living one immortal day.
    To know that is Wisdom.

    To use it is the Art.
    - Clive Barker, The Great and Secret Show
  1. abstrect-christ

    The Green Grass Of Home

    Haha I'm still one of those hyper kids with a slight case of OCD. Like The Birds reference; the mans a master of mystery and suspense theatre. Thanks for the laugh.
  2. abstrect-christ


    A sad poem about the narrators loss of self or emotional identity -- haha i can relate on a bunch of levels. Nice small poem.
  3. abstrect-christ


    Interesting read Con. I got a contemplation piece out of it asking who laid the foundation for the narrater and which part of him/her is going to answer a call.
  4. abstrect-christ

    Because I am such a difficult lover

    i agree with Con. Honesty and passion abound for your wife.
  5. abstrect-christ

    I Miss You

    A cheeky and fun poem rhyme. Like how it treats the inanimate object so animate. Tried a cigarette once and once only myself.
  6. abstrect-christ

    Terraform'at Ruin

    edited with glossary in case it was too thick with obscure symbology.
  7. abstrect-christ

    The anonymity that comes with age.

    Haha this youth is showing its age. I got the philisophical part of it and entertaining part. But some of the references not quite, where i live(canada) you can be polite and friendly to most people and not get in trouble or criticized.
  8. abstrect-christ

    Winds of Anger

    Clarity of emotion, and symbolism telling a vignette of a story. I like it.
  9. abstrect-christ

    Title suggestions welcome

    nice imagery. But as for title suggestions that's something up to you I think -- or atleast I can't think of anything. Our titling styles are completely different haha. my trick in cases like this are to put the main words that describe what's happening in the poem into a thesaurus and see what comes out as a good combination of words. so... light/illumination + breaking through/shattering + gloom/darkness/a mist
  10. abstrect-christ

    The city state of London

    not sure of how bad the corruption was back in 2014 in the UK but it's def's a good piece on the corrupt and capitalist societies underbelly of just about any country these days.
  11. Perhaps indeed. Nice contemplative piece. structure was good and simple making the message clear. I like it.
  12. abstrect-christ

    This wilderness

    a good read, fun, simple, clear message about the earth being choked out by the surface. typo in S1L2?
  13. abstrect-christ


    The feelings are there in clarity, that's the good thing I can say about it -- what needs improvement is the structure, rhyme it out, picture a train track, the moment there's a break in the rhythm is the moment the train goes off the track; give the reader a reason to care about the feelings -- why is the narrater(our imagination) feeling this way; as is, it's only a diary entry -- important to the writer but to an outsider it looks like a person having issues. Not sure if the issue is a translation one or not but that's the best constructive criticism I can give based on what's shown here. If it is a translation or english as a second language kind of thing I can start you off with a basic guide to punctuation and grammar to help you improve presentation via PM but steering away from diary entries and rhyming issues comes from your own efforts. continue writing; you can only improve with time.
  14. abstrect-christ


    love can be the ultimate weapon be it good or bad. nice little poem.
  15. abstrect-christ

    A Speck (Spiritual content)

    existentialism with pep and pride. nice...

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