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  1. Dream Poet

    Hello Victor Thank you for replying, I have read and re-read, if you have any ideas to change or exchange, let me know? By the way, I like the way you write, I do not always comment, but I read. Best wishes Rea
  2. Dream Poet

    Hello Waxwings Thank you for the lengthy, but where are you? I'm waiting patiently, have you any suggestions? I did not think it would knock you out, 13 days to be precise! Best wishes Rea
  3. Cleaving

    Hello Fdelano What a beautiful picture of love and parting you paint, love the metaphors, love the poem, particularly the last stanza, a joy to read. Warm regards Rea
  4. You're the most beautiful....

    Hello Tony Thank you for reading and commenting, appreciated. Warm regards Rea
  5. A Monk's Tale

    Hello Badger I enjoyed reading this, it sounds so mysterious, I like the metaphor running through, and love the last stanza; I note how you began, "She is alive", and you end with the words, doubting yourself, "am I alive". Any insight, what inspired you to write it? Best wishes Rea
  6. Just like a dream....

    Hello Tink If I changed the last line, I would be changing the image, I am trying to portray, as in; "Your beauty's hidden, just like a dream"....meaning hidden beauty, just like a dream...a kind of simile... Your sugggestion; Your beauty's hidden within a dream...it would take away the image that I am portraying, as "beauty is just hidden", "beauty is not within a dream". Thank you for input, suggestions to keep that above as it, will be appreciated. Best wishes Rea
  7. Blessing

    Hello Dr Conn That's deep and philosophical, thought provoking, I love the last stanza; worlds die stars blink out mountains crumble hearts break stories lost left is the love May we awake and shine You ended on a positive note, a great start to the day. Best wishes Rea
  8. Fire Dance

    Hello Tinker That's beautifully written, stunning imagery, cleverly crafted similes, a joy to read. Best wishes Rea
  9. Just like a dream....

    One of the great dramas of life, to discover the false lover. Excellent lament with so few words. fdh Hello FDH Thank you for replying, this has nothing to do with a false lover, it's admiration for someone who speaks from his heart, but not done often enough, there's a beauty that shows from within, when someone speaks with heartfelt emotion. It tranfixes and transforms, facial expression. Best wishes Rea
  10. Heart's on the shelf...

    Hello Gatekeeper, What do you mean by reply? which can be interpreted in many ways, but one way, and one way, is your way of crit, directed to the poet! Rea
  11. Just like a dream....

    Just like a dream I love the way you drape your heart Hang it on my every part Your words emit a tear like stream Your beauty's hidden - Just like a dream © Rea 2nd July 2011
  12. Heart's on the shelf...

    i love the last line. and good rhythm. Hello Ross Thank you for commenting, sorry about the delayed reaction. sincerely Rea
  13. Invitation

    P.S. It reminds me of the poem "An Ode on Solitude" by Alexander Pope", acres of land, and solitude, have been, have seen, and do go back.
  14. Invitation

    Hello Tony I like the way you have written this poem, it's simple, direct, moving, inviting, draws the reader in. It's an ideal place, as in the perfect word, but even so, it still exists. It'a all beautifully written, but the last two stanzas stand out, I was going to quote, but unable, the option is not available here. Best wishes Rea
  15. Necklace from rainbows....

    Hello Tony Thank you for commenting, yes, tears can have many reasons. Best wishes Rea

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